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Deaths - February 2012

Herb Adams, 83, American baseball player (Chicago White Sox).
Robert B. Cohen, 86, American businessman, founder of Hudson News, progressive supranuclear palsy.
Don Cornelius, 75, American television host and producer (Soul Train), suicide by gunshot.
Angelo Dundee, 90, American boxing trainer (Muhammad Ali).
David Peaston, 54, American R&B singer, complications of diabetes.
Charlie Spoonhour, 72, American basketball coach (Southwest Missouri State, Saint Louis University), complications from lung disease.
Jerry Steiner, 94, American basketball player (Fort Wayne Pistons).
Dorothy Gilman, 88, American spy novelist (The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax), complications of Alzheimer’s disease.

Ben Gazzara, 81, American actor (The Big Lebowski, Road House), pancreatic cancer.
Terence Hildner, 49, American general, commander of the 13th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary).
Zalman King, 69, American film director (Wild Orchid) and producer (9½ Weeks), cancer.

Mike deGruy, 60, American documentary filmmaker (Trials of Life, The Blue Planet), helicopter crash.
Jeff Fraza, 34, American professional boxer, struck by train.
Robert Glaser, 91, American cognitive psychologist, complications from Alzheimer's disease.
Irene McKinney, 72, American poet, Poet Laureate of West Virginia (since 1994), cancer.

Sam Coppola, 79, American actor (Saturday Night Fever, Fatal Attraction).
Al De Lory, 82, American record producer.
Bill Hinzman, 75, American actor (Night of the Living Dead), cancer.

Billy Bean, 78, American jazz guitarist.
Peter Breck, 82, American actor (The Big Valley)
Jay Lambert, 86, American Olympic boxer.
Janice E. Voss, 55, American astronaut, breast cancer.

Danny Clyburn, 37, American baseball player (Baltimore Orioles, Tampa Bay Devil Rays), shot.
Patricia Stephens Due, 72, American civil rights activist, cancer.
Florence Holway, 96, American advocate for rape victims.
Phil Bruns, 80, American actor (Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman; Barney Miller; The Great Waldo Pepper), natural causes.

Adam Adamowicz, 42, American video game concept artist (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Fallout 3), cancer.
Peggy Crowe, 56, American Olympic speed skater.
Don Panciera, 84, American football player (New York Yankees, Detroit Lions, Chicago Cardinals).

Chuck Baird, 64, American artist.
Geoffrey Cornish, 97, American golf course architect.
Gloria Lloyd, 87, American actress (Temptation), daughter of Harold Lloyd.
Jeffrey Zaslow, 53, American author and columnist, car accident.

Whitney Houston, 48, American singer ("I Will Always Love You") and actress (The Bodyguard), drowned.

Zina Bethune, 66, American actress (Sunrise at Campobello), hit-and-run.
David Kelly, 82, Irish actor (Fawlty Towers, Strumpet City, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).
John Severin, 90, American comic book artist (Hulk), co-founder of Mad Magazine.
Howard Zimmerman, 85, American professor of chemistry.

Russell Arms, 92, American singer (Your Hit Parade) and actor (The Man Who Came to Dinner).
Al Brenner, 64, American football player (New York Giants, Hamilton Tiger-Cats).
Jodie Christian, 80, American jazz pianist.
Daniel C. Gerould, 84, American playwright and academic.
Freddie Solomon, 59, American football player (Miami Dolphins, San Francisco 49ers), colon and liver cancer.

Dory Previn, 86, American singer-songwriter (Mythical Kings and Iguanas) and lyricist (Valley of the Dolls, Last Tango in Paris).

Charles Anthony, 82, American tenor, kidney failure.
Zelda Kaplan, 95, American socialite and philanthropist.
Elyse Knox, 94, American actress and model, mother of Mark Harmon.

Gary Carter, 57, American Hall of Fame baseball player (Montreal Expos, New York Mets), brain tumor.
John Macionis, 95, American Olympic silver medal-winning (1936) swimmer.
Kathryn McGee, 91, American disability rights advocate.
Harry McPherson, 82, American lawyer and lobbyist, advisor to Lyndon B. Johnson, cancer.
Dick Anthony Williams, 77, American actor (Edward Scissorhands, The Jerk, Homefront), after long illness.

Clarence Dart, 91, American World War II fighter pilot (Tuskegee Airmen).
Michael Davis, 68, American bassist (MC5), liver failure.
Howie Nunn, 76, American baseball player (St. Louis Cardinals, Cincinnati Reds).
Frank Sanders, 62, American Olympic silver medal-winning (1972) ice hockey player, pancreatic cancer.

Rose Cliver, 109, American centenarian, one of the last known survivors of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.
Ken Goodwin, 78, English comedian (The Comedians), Alzheimer's disease.
Ric Waite, 78, American cinematographer (Red Dawn, Footloose.)

Renato Dulbecco, 97, Italian-born American virologist, Nobel laureate in Physiology or Medicine (1975).
Vito Giacalone, 88, American mobster.
Eric Harris, 56, American football player (Toronto Argonauts, Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Rams), heart attack.
Steve Kordek, 100, American pinball machine designer.
Herman G. Tillman, Jr., 89, American pilot (WWII, Korea, Vietnam), liver failure.

Sullivan Walker, 68, Trinidadian actor (The Cosby Show, Earth 2).

Pierre Juneau, 89, Canadian broadcasting executive and cabinet minister, Minister of Communications (1975), namesake of the Juno Awards. [304]
Fay Kleinman, 99, American painter, complications of a broken hip.
Tom Martinez, 66, American football coach, heart attack.
Barney Rosset, 89, American publisher (Grove Press) and free speech advocate.
Marie Colvin, 56, American reporter (The Sunday Times), shelling.
Robert R. McElroy, 84, American photographer.
Mike Melvoin, 74, American jazz pianist and composer, cancer.
Dmitri Nabokov, 77, American opera singer.
Billy Strange, 81, American songwriter ("Limbo Rock") and music arranger.

Cathy Campbell, 78, New Zealand broadcaster, brain tumour. [332]
William Gay, 70, American author.
Stella Nardari-Vecchiato, 113, Italian supercentenarian.
David Sayre, 87, American scientist.
Bruce Surtees, 74, American cinematographer (Lenny, Dirty Harry, Beverly Hills Cop).

Agnes Allen, 81, American baseball player (All-American Girls Professional Baseball League).
Jan Berenstain, 88, American writer and illustrator (Berenstain Bears), stroke.
Benedict Freedman, 92, American novelist and mathematician.
Terry Mathews, 47, American baseball player (Texas Rangers, Florida Marlins, Baltimore Orioles), heart attack.
Kenneth Price, 77, American ceramics artist, cancer.
Jay Ward, 73, American baseball player (Minnesota Twins, Cincinnati Reds).

Dave Cheadle, 60, American baseball player (Atlanta Braves).
Lynn Compton, 90, American soldier, inspiration for Band of Brothers, heart attack.
Dick Davies, 76, American gold-medal winning Olympic basketball player (1964).
Red Holloway, 84, American jazz saxophonist, stroke and kidney failure.
Louisiana Red, 79, American blues musician, stroke.
Martha Stewart, 89, American actress.

Ed Brigadier, 62, American actor (Pushing Daisies, Gilmore Girls, Victorious).
Trayvon Martin, 17, American teenager, shooting.

Vince Dantona, 62, American ventriloquist.
Tina Strobos, 91, Dutch psychiatrist and humanitarian, protected Jewish refugees during WWII, cancer.

Roland Bautista, 60, American guitarist (Earth, Wind & Fire).
Dennis Chinnery, 84, British actor (Doctor Who).
Davy Jones, 66, British actor and musician (The Monkees), heart attack.
Sheldon Moldoff, 91, American comic book artist, kidney failure.

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