Saturday, August 24, 2013

Gun-Nut Claims Self-Defense After Killing 23-Month-Old Grandson Following Altercation

Another day in America, another senseless gun death. In this case we bring you the story of Luis Efrain Torres, his son Rochell McCoy and his 23-month-old grandson Deaandre Vega. This past Tuesday, Torres and McCoy, got into a fight in Torres’ driveway in the town of Lilburn, Georgia. At some point during the fight, Torres drew his weapon and fired shots in the direction of McCoy, inadvertently striking his grandson in the process.

Neighbors reportedly heard the gunshots and called emergency responders, but tragically it was too late for the toddler who later died at the hospital. Speaking to the local news channel, Torres gave an interview and intimated he’ll claim self-defense as the shooting was the result of the fight with Deandre’s father. “I was arguing with him and him with me/ And he threw me to the floor and pushed me and hit me.”

You don’t have to be a strict gun-control advocate to realize that situations like little Deandre’s are all-too-common in America these days. The causes of violent crime are many, but we know that poverty and education are two areas we can improve and see lasting results. How many children like Deandre have to perish before we make a real effort to curb gun violence in this country?

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