Saturday, September 21, 2013

Liking Healthy Foods is a Choice

I have a theory that I’ve been testing: whether you have a taste for a particular food is a choice.

I’m sure there are things you turn your nose up at: vegetables (lots of people), or kale (my kids), eggplant (Eva), tofu (many non-vegetarians), quinoa (crazy people), something.

But what I’ve learned is that tastes can change. In fact, we can change them on purpose:
•I used to hate vegetables. Now I love them.
•I used to hate soymilk when I first tried it. Now I drink it daily.
•I didn’t like brown rice, about 10 years ago. Now I much prefer it to white rice (which has no substance).
•I used to love sweets, but I’ve given them up in the last few months and now I still would eat them but they wouldn’t give me as much pleasure.

And on and on, dozens of times I’ve changed my tastes.

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