Friday, September 27, 2013

The Tea Party’s Popularity Approaches a Record Low

In the midst of the latest debt ceiling controversy and Ted Cruz’s faux filibuster kabuki theater act, the Tea Party’s support has dwindled to near record low levels according to the latest Gallup public opinion poll on the Tea Party movement. Just 22 percent of Americans consider themselves supporters of the Tea Party, a number that is just one percentage point higher than their lowest approval mark of 21 percent in late 2011. The Tea Party brand is apparently even losing its appeal to Republicans. In November of 2010, when the Tea Party was at the peak of its political ascendancy and Republicans regained control of the House scoring a wave of victories across the country, nearly two thirds of Republicans expressed support for the Tea Party movement. By comparison, today just 38 percent of Republicans are supportive of the Tea Party, marking a tremendous drop in affinity for the movement within the rank and file of the GOP. Although Tea Party activists like to cast themselves as politically independent, just one in four independents consider themselves supporters of the Tea Party. Democrats, as one might expect, are even less likely to consider themselves Tea Party supporters, with only six percent saying they support the movement.

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