Sunday, October 27, 2013

8 Life Changing Truths

You are not your job.
The everyday grind of getting up and going to work can get old. Remember though that who you are is not synonymous with your job title. It doesn’t define you. You have the power to define yourself by your hobbies, interests, personality, and everything else that makes you special.

It’s not too late to change.
As long as you’re still breathing, you can be 100 years old and make a life-changing choice. It could be as simple as reinventing your look to reinventing your career. With the will to change, all you need is a way to do it. Figure out what is stopping you and take the next step to changing it. You’re never too late to the game!

Your mistakes in the past don’t dictate your future.
Don’t let your mistakes own you. Progress cannot be made without making peace in the past. You have to forgive yourself for making errors and let them stay where they belong—in the past. Develop a positive mindset by reassuring yourself that you can move forward and that your mistakes don’t own you.

Positivity is a decision.
This is a huge life truth that actually many people don’t realize. If you create an internal self-talk that is positive and reassuring, you will find yourself more prepared and more confident for any situation. Instead of dwelling in negativity or complaining, set yourself up for success by having the right attitude.

A happy life doesn’t require much.
The truth about happiness is that finding joy and peace in every day, simple living is what can truly make you content. Learn to appreciate the beauty of nature, the companionship of friends, the love and support of your family, the accomplishments and successes you have, whether personal or professional.

Living in the now is happiness.
Not getting what you want is sometimes the best luck of all.
While it is fulfilling to reach goals and work hard for what you have, it also builds character, discipline, perseverance, and a good attitude when you have to deal with failure or setbacks. When you’re disappointed, focus instead on what you could be getting out of the experience or how you can improve. After all, focusing on what you didn’t get distracts from what you COULD be getting!

What you’re doing in life is your choice.
Do you feel stuck in your life, like you have no options and have reached a dead end? Here is a truth you definitely want to remember: the power IS yours and you made your choices for a reason. The daily grind of sticking to that choice will pay off, if you have a plan. You want to pay your bills off, you want to move up in your job, you are working toward something. Remember that it is your decision, even when it feels there isn’t.

Every day you have a chance to do something productive or new.
There is something on everyone’s wish list or to-do list, from career and life goals to simple projects and tasks to be done. Whether life-fulfilling or just day-fulfilling, there is something you could be doing, big or small, right now. What would it take TODAY to get started in that direction? Remembering a truth like this is not only inspiring, but it’s action-based—you can see the results today!

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