Friday, October 11, 2013

Finding Grace

"What could this possibly be?" I thought to myself. Why would someone place that sign so low? No one could 
read it."

You see them everywhere. Small signs promoting yard 
sales, cars, and business opportunities are posted 
on poles and lobbies of stores throughout the community. 
So many, in fact, that they sometimes become a blur 
defeating the sole purpose of getting your attention. Not this one. This one stood out because it appeared 
to be a mistake.

I had just arrived at the local shopping center and 
as I got out of my car I noticed a small sign taped 
to the first pole. The reason I noticed it was because 
it was taped to the very bottom of the pole.
At first I thought it had fallen, but at closer look 
I saw it had been very securely attached with several 
inches of masking tape. So much tape that it crossed 
over the middle of the sign blocking out some of the 
details. I had to look closer and to see what they were selling 
and who would do such a silly thing.

"Ah, a house for sale. I guess this was an approach to 
grab your attention," I said to a store clerk who was 
apparently taking a break and enjoying the fresh spring 

"I don't think so," he replied.

"Well, why else would they have placed the sign way 
down here?" I asked.

Then, pointing down the walkway, he said, "That little 
girl is doing it. I just watched her and that lady hang 
this one."

Stooping down, I glanced to where he was pointing and 
indeed saw several more signs. Curiosity always gets the best of me and some of the 
most incredible stories to share with my readers. This 
one was sure to fall into that category. I slowly approached them and waited until the young 
child wound another yard of tape around the last sign.

"Excuse me. I don't mean to be rude, but why are you 
placing the house for sale signs so close to the 
ground?" I asked.

The woman smiled and turned to me. "She's not selling 
the house. Look closer," she said.

Again I stooped down adjusting my position until I 
could finally read the small print. "We miss you!" I read out loud. I looked up and said, 
"I don't get it! You miss the house?"

"Look closer," the woman replied. "Look at the picture."

Okay, now I am really on my hands and knees. People 
passing by must have thought I was foolish.

"Do you see the child?" the woman asked.

"Yes, I do." I replied.

"Look to the left in front yard."

Now adjusting my glasses and squinting I said, "The 
dog? Do you mean the dog?"

"Yes! Look at the very bottom of the sign."

Now this was a test for sure.

"I miss you! Come home!"

I miss you come home? I didn't understand. Fighting 
to regain my dignity, I stood up. I must have had 
that confused look on my face.

"Her dog is lost," the woman explained.

"Most people would hang a lost sign with a picture 
of the dog on it. It would also be where people could 
actually see it," I said with a chuckle.

"Well, you saw it," the young girl said.

Good point.

I found myself distracted for a moment. This child 
had the most beautiful cherub-like face accented by 
short curly blonde hair that danced with every 
movement she made.  Just seeing her sky blue eyes twinkle with the 
innocence of her youthful spirit made me hesitate 
to ask for further explanation.

Thankfully, the woman filled me in.  "I explained to her that it may be hard to find her 
dog. As you can see the store has many signs posted. 
So she said that she had a better idea. She wanted her 
dog to find her. Thus the picture of the house, her 
and the dog," she said. 

"And hanging them down there..."

"You got it. So the dog could see it," she said. Then motioning me aside the woman whispered, "It's 
been missing a few days now. We really thought it 
would be back already. I didn't want to give up until 
she felt she did everything she could."

My heart ached for the child as I tried to think of 
some way to help. "What a great idea!" I said to her. Then I stooped 
down and said, "I will say a prayer. I'm going to give 
your mom my phone number. Call me when you and your dog 
are back together."  I handed the woman one of my business cards. I had to 
know how this ended. "By the way, what's your dog's 
name in case I meet him in my travels?" I asked.

"It's a girl dog," the child said. "Her name is Grace."

I looked to the woman and she confirmed.

"Yes, we named her that because that's how we got her. 
She was lost. 'Amazing Grace, I once was lost but now 
I'm found, '" the woman said smiling.

One week later my phone rang. The little girl called 
to tell me Grace came home.


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