Friday, October 18, 2013


Want to make a little more room in your
heart for more love and goodness to come
into your life? Then there's something you
must do.

Set yourself free... with a little forgiveness.

When you hold onto anger or resentment
toward someone who may have hurt you in the
past, it's a lot harder to grab a hold of
something new.

Believe me, I know.

At one point in my life I had decided I
could never forgive a man who had been my
fiancé. He had emotionally abused me... and
then he physically abused me.

I could forgive anyone anything else, but
there had to be an exception clause that God
would allow if someone hurt me the way he
had. So I went through life with my
personally invoked clause.

I was already a motivational speaker, full
of energy and facilitating workshops. But
no matter how much energy I had and how
much I smiled, I held onto that anger and
resentment in that one corner of my heart.

"I'll never forgive him."

Then a colleague told me something so
powerful it led me to nullify and void my
clause. You've probably heard it before:
"Staying angry at someone is like drinking
poison and hoping that other person dies."

I had thought if I forgave him, I'd be
letting him off the hook, I'd be freeing him
from taking responsibility for his actions.

But forgiveness wasn't about setting him
free. It had everything to do with setting
me free. Forgiveness was simply about
freeing up that space in my heart so I could
receive more love and goodness in my life.

People are going to do and be exactly who
they are, and you may not always agree with
them. However, if they hurt you, forgiveness
is always your option.

Is there an opportunity for you to forgive someone?

Lisa Nichols

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