Monday, October 28, 2013

Granholm Guts the False Equivalency of a Broken Website with a Broken Political Party

On Meet the Press, the narrative of the morning was naturally another desperate or clueless attempt to falsely equate the Republicans shutting down the government over ObamaCare to the ObamaCare website not working as it should.

Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm (D-MI) was on the scene to put an end to that false equivalency. “This is an argument about a broken website versus a broken political Party.”

As Meet the Press tried to advance the argument that while there is backlash now against the GOP over the shutdown, Democrats better beware because — glitches! Glitches are just like shutdowns, only NOT. They don’t cost 24 billion dollars, hurt innocent Americans by robbing them of their paychecks, and they didn’t kill 120,000 private sector jobs. They also weren’t deliberate.

Gov. Granholm pointed out that if Republicans are so unhappy with the federal rollout of, then they should have stepped up in the states (as the law called for originally, but many Republicans refused to do) like Kentucky Governor Beshear, “If the republican party doesn’t like the federal government, then the governor should step up like Steve Beshear did to get this done.”

The party of “personal responsibility” doesn’t want to discuss how their refusal to do their parts could be one reason the site is overburdened.

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