Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Deaths in September 2013

Tommy Morrison, 44, American heavyweight champion boxer (WBO) and actor (Rocky V), multiple organ failure.

Frederik Pohl, 93, American science fiction author (Man Plus, Gateway).
Henry Putzel, Jr., 99, American lawyer and Reporter of Decisions of the United States Supreme Court.

Ariel Castro, 53, American convicted kidnapper and rapist, suicide by hanging.

Casey Viator, 62, American bodybuilder, AAU Mr. America (1971).

Ann C. Crispin, 63, American science fiction author (The Han Solo Trilogy, Sarek), bladder cancer.
Alexis Urbina, 17, American boxer, beaten.
Frederick Zugibe, 85, American medical examiner and Shroud of Turin investigator.

Louise Currie, 100, American film actress (Adventures of Captain Marvel, Citizen Kane).

Alberto Bevilacqua, 79, Italian writer and film director, cardiac arrest.[95]
Patricia Blair, 80, American actress (The Rifleman, Daniel Boone), breast cancer.
Susan Fitzgerald, 64, Irish actress (Angela's Ashes), colorectal cancer.

Don Nelson, 86, American screenwriter (The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet), Parkinson's disease.

Ray Dolby, 80, American audio engineer and inventor (Dolby NR, surround sound), leukemia.
William A. Graham, 87, American director (The X-Files, Batman, The Fugitive), pneumonia.
Rod Masterson, 68, American actor (Blaze).

Jimmy Herman, 72, Canadian actor (Dances with Wolves, North of 60).
Salustiano Sanchez, 112, Spanish-born American supercentenarian, world's oldest living man.
Patti Webster, 49, American publicist (Usher, Janet Jackson), brain cancer.

Émile Turlant, 109, French centenarian, France's oldest man.
Jackie Lomax,69, British rocker who recorded with legendary stars but whose own career always seemed a degree removed from fame. The singer-songwriter-guitarist enjoyed a 50-year career playing with many of music's biggest stars -- notably the Beatles -- but personal commercial success eluded him.

Scott Adams, 46, American football player (Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans Saints), heart attack.
Mac Curtis, 74, American rockabilly singer, injuries received in a traffic collision.
Terrie Hall, 53, American CDC spokesperson and anti-tobacco advocate, cancer.
Kim Hamilton, 81, American actress (To Kill a Mockingbird, Days of Our Lives, Star Trek: The Next Generation).
Joan Hanke-Woods, 67, American Hugo Award-winning artist.(death announced on this date)
Patsy Swayze, 86, American dancer and choreographer, mother of Patrick Swayze, complications from a stroke.

Otha Bailey, 83, American Negro League baseball player.
Marvin Rainwater, 88, American country and rockabilly singer ("Whole Lotta Woman"), heart failure.

Joy Covey, 50, American business executive (Amazon.com), bicycle collision.
Marta Heflin, 68, American actress (Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean, A Perfect Couple).
Stephen Malawista, 79, American medical researcher, discovered Lyme disease.
Ken Norton, 70, American heavyweight boxer and actor (Mandingo, Drum), heart failure.
Richard C. Sarafian, 83, American film and television director (I Spy, Vanishing Point, 77 Sunset Strip), complications from pneumonia.

William Ungar, 100, Polish-born American Holocaust survivor and memoirist.
Hiroshi Yamauchi, 85, Japanese businessman, President of Nintendo (1949–2002, 2002–2005), owner of Seattle Mariners, complications from pneumonia.

Chester Moody, 78, American Negro League baseball player.

Gary Brandner, 80, American horror author (The Howling).
Jane Connell, 87, American stage, musical theatre and television actress (Mame).
David H. Hubel, 87, Canadian-born American neurologist, laureate of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (1981).
Luciano Vincenzoni, 87, Italian screenwriter (For a Few Dollars More, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly), lung cancer.

Christopher Koch, 81, Australian novelist (The Year of Living Dangerously), cancer.
Gia Maione, 72, American jazz singer.

Ruth Patrick, 105, American ecology pioneer.

Paul Oliver, 29, American football player (San Diego Chargers), suicide by gunshot.

José Montoya, 81, American poet, artist and educator, co-founder of Royal Chicano Air Force, lymphoma.

Evelyn G. Lowery, 88, American civil rights activist (Selma to Montgomery marches), complications from a stroke.

A. C. Lyles, 95, American producer (Deadwood, Rawhide).
Jay Robinson, 83, American actor (Dracula, Star Trek, The Waltons, The Robe).

L. C. Greenwood, 67, American football player (Pittsburgh Steelers), kidney failure.
Scott Workman, 47, American stuntman (Crank, Iron Man 2, End of Days).

Ruth Maleczech, 74, American actress (Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, The Crucible), cancer.
Ramblin' Tommy Scott, 96, American country and rockabilly musician, complications from traffic collision.

Zulema, 66, American R&B singer (Faith Hope and Charity).

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