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Deaths - January 2013

Michael Patrick Cronan, 61, American graphic designer and artist, named TiVo, Amazon Kindle, colon cancer.
Ross Davis, 94, American Negro League baseball player.
Patsy May, 78, American actress (Our Gang).
Patti Page, 85, American singer ("Tennessee Waltz", "Confess") and actress (Elmer Gantry).

Barbara Werle, 84, American actress (Battle of the Bulge, Charro!, The Virginian).
Phyllis Wiener, 91, American artist.

Charles W. Blackwell, 70, American Chickasaw Nation diplomat, Ambassador to the United States of America (since 1995).
Wren Blair, 87, Canadian ice hockey coach and manager (Minnesota North Stars, Pittsburgh Penguins).
Jim Boyd, 79, American actor (The Electric Company), after brief illness.
Margaret A. Brewer, 82, American USMC brigadier general.
Council Cargle, 77, American stage and film actor (Jackie Brown, Detroit 9000).
Angelo Coia, 74, American football player (Chicago Bears, Washington Redskins, Atlanta Falcons).
Lee Eilbracht, 88, American baseball coach (University of Illinois) (1952–1978).
Mamie Rearden, 114, American supercentenarian.
Ned Wertimer, 89, American actor (The Jeffersons, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End), complications from a fall.

Paul Taff, 92, American television executive and executive producer (Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, The French Chef)

Pete Elliott, 86, American Hall of Fame college football player (Michigan), Executive Director of the Pro Football Hall of Fame (1979–1995)
Wally Feurzeig, 85, American computer scientist, invented Logo
Sammy Johns, 66, American singer-songwriter ("Chevy Van", "America")

Tony Lip, 82, American actor (Donnie Brasco, Goodfellas, The Sopranos)
Bryan Stoltenberg, 40, American football player (San Diego Chargers, Carolina Panthers), injuries sustained in traffic collision.

T. S. Cook, 65, American screenwriter (The China Syndrome), cancer.

Martha Greenhouse, 91, American stage and television actress, Screen Actors Guild official.
Jeff Lewis, 39, American football player (Carolina Panthers, Denver Broncos), accidental drug overdose.
Richard McWilliam, 59, American entrepreneur, co-founder of Upper Deck Company, alcohol poisoning.
Fitzroy Newsum, 94, American military pilot (Tuskegee Airmen)
Joe Padilla, 48, American baseball umpire
Fay Bellamy Powell, 74, American civil rights activist
Chandler Williams, 27, American football player
Sol Yurick, 87, American author (The Warriors), lung cancer

Jeffrey O'Connell, 84, American legal expert, professor and attorney, champion of No-fault insurance.

Carl Berner, 110, German-born American supercentenarian.
Jim Cosman, 69, American baseball player (St. Louis Cardinals, Chicago Cubs), Alzheimer's disease
Richard Ben Cramer, 62, American journalist, author (What It Takes: The Way to the White House) and Pulitzer Prize winner (1979), lung cancer
David R. Ellis, 60, American stuntman (Lethal Weapon, Scarface) and film director (Snakes on a Plane, Cellular)
Huell Howser, 67, American television personality (California's Gold), prostate cancer.[148]
Ada Louise Huxtable, 91, American architecture critic (Wall Street Journal) and Pulitzer Prize winner (1970), cancer
Harvey Shapiro, 88, American poet and newspaper editor (The New York Times), complications from surgery
Fred L. Turner, 80, American restaurant industry executive, CEO of McDonald's (1974–1987), Chairman (1977–1987), complications of pneumonia.
Nadeane Walker, 91, American journalist, fashion editor and foreign correspondent (Associated Press, International Herald Tribune)

Matthew Dickens, 51, American actor and choreographer (The Aviator, Rent, Dreamgirls), cancer
Jeanne Manford, 92, American gay rights activist
Watson Parker, 88, American historian and author, specialist on the Black Hills
Ten Most Wanted, 12, American thoroughbred, winner of Travers Stakes (2003)

Samuel E. Blum, 92, American chemist and physicist.
Vivian Brown, 85, American media personality.
James M. Buchanan, 93, American economist, Nobel Prize (1986)
Willis Page, 94, American symphony orchestra conductor
Rex Trailer, 84, American television host (Boomtown, WBZ-TV) and recording artist, pneumonia

Evan S. Connell, 88, American novelist, poet, and short story-writer.(body found on this date)
Claude Nobs, 76, Swiss founder and general manager of Montreux Jazz Festival, complications from skiing accident
Vincent Sombrotto, 89, American union official, president of NALC (1978–2002)

D. Brainerd Holmes, 91, American aeronautics executive, NASA Director of Manned Space Flight (1961–1963), complications from pneumonia.
Liz Lands, 73, American soul singer.

Jimmy O'Neill, 73, American disc jockey and television host (Shindig!), diabetes and heart complications.
Tom Parry Jones, 77, Welsh inventor (electronic breathalyser)
Aaron Swartz, 26, American programmer and internet activist, co-creator of Reddit, suicide by hanging
Fred Talbot, 71, American baseball player (Chicago White Sox, Philadelphia Athletics, New York Yankees, Seattle Pilots)
Billy Varga, 94, American professional wrestler and actor (Raging Bull), Alzheimer's disease
John Wilkinson, 67, American rhythm guitarist (Elvis Presley's TCB Band), cancer

Precious Bryant, 71, American blues and country musician, complications of diabetes and heart failure.

William J. Cullerton, 89, American fighter pilot, World War II flying ace.
Emmett Forrest, 85, American collector, founder of the Andy Griffith Museum.
Koto Okubo, 115, Japanese supercentenarian, world's oldest woman.
Eugene Patterson, 89, American newspaper editor (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution), Pulitzer Prize winner (1967), cancer.
Steven Utley, 64, American science-fiction writer, cancer.

Bille Brown, 61, Australian actor (Fierce Creatures, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader), bowel cancer.
Stanley Caine, 76, English actor (The Italian Job).
Jerry Sisk, Jr., 59, American gemologist, co-founder of Jewelry Television.
Arthur Wightman, 90, American mathematical physicist (Wightman axioms).

Conrad Bain, 89, Canadian-born American actor (Maude, Diff'rent Strokes), natural causes

George Gund III, 75, American sports franchise co-owner (San Jose Sharks, Cleveland Cavaliers), cancer.
Noé Hernández, 34, Mexican Olympic silver medal-winning (2000) race walker, cardiac arrest.
Pauline Phillips, 94, American advice columnist ("Dear Abby"), complications from Alzheimer's disease

Robert F. Chew, 52, American actor (The Wire), apparent heart failure.
James Hood, 70, American civil rights pioneer, among first African Americans to register at the University of Alabama.
Fred J. Lincoln, 75, American actor, director (The Last House on the Left) and pornographic director.
John R. Powers, 67, American author (Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?), heart attack.

Bobby Bennett, 74, American musician (The Famous Flames).
Jeff Cahill, 44, American actor (Dangerous Minds, ER, NYPD Blue).
Lynn Willis, American game designer (Call of Cthulhu).

Stan Musial, 92, Baseball Hall of Famer and St. Louis Cardinals great died on January 19.
Earl Sidney Weaver, 82, Baseball Hall of Fame manager who led the Baltimore Orioles to four pennants and a World Series title with a pugnacity toward umpires, died of an apparent heart attack.

Ron Fraser, 79, American Hall of Fame college baseball coach (University of Miami).

Alden W. Clausen, 89, American banking executive, President of the World Bank (1981–1986), complications from pneumonia.
Jean Giambrone, 91, American sportswriter (Times-Union), first female writer awarded full press credentials at The Masters, blood clot in lung.
Donald Hornig, 92, American chemist, explosives expert, Manhattan Project member, teacher and presidential science advisor, President of Brown University (1970–1976).
Jake McNiece, 93, American World War II paratrooper, leader of the Filthy Thirteen.

Leslie Frankenheimer, 64, American set decorator (Blade Runner, Star Trek: Voyager, Ben & Kate), leukemia.
Anna Litvinova, 29, Russian fashion model, won Miss Russia (Miss Universe competition) (2006), cancer.
Ted Talbert, 70, American documentary filmmaker, heart attack

Tom Jankiewicz, 49, American screenwriter (Grosse Pointe Blank).
Janice Knickrehm, 87, American actress (Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers).

Gregory Carroll, 83, American R&B singer (The Four Buddies, The Orioles) and songwriter ("Just One Look"), aneurysm.

Leroy Bonner, 69, American funk singer and guitarist (Ohio Players), cancer.

Sukekiyo Kameyama, 58, Japanese voice actor (Winnie-the-Pooh), pneumonia.

Bernard Horsfall, 82, British actor (Doctor Who, Gandhi, Braveheart)
Garrett Lewis, 77, American set decorator (Hook, Face/Off, Wedding Crashers), natural causes.
Hadiya Pendleton, 15, American student, shot.

Patty Andrews, 94, American singer, last surviving member of The Andrews Sisters, natural causes.

Ann Rabson, 67, American blues singer and musician (Saffire – The Uppity Blues Women), cancer
Christopher Van Hollen, 90, American diplomat, United States Ambassador to Sri Lanka and the Maldives (1972-1976), Alzheimer's disease

R. Gilbert Clayton, 90, American set designer (Armageddon, Batman & Robin, The Untouchables)
Caleb Moore, 25, American snowmobile competitor, complications from a collision during competition
Fred Whitfield, 75, American baseball player (Cleveland Indians)
Diane Wolkstein, 70, American storyteller, during emergency heart surgery

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