Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Deaths - July, 2013

Texas Johnny Brown, 85, American blues musician and songwriter.

Charles Foley, 82, American toy and board game inventor, co-creator of Twister, complications of Alzheimer's disease.
Paul Jenkins, 74, American actor (The Waltons, Chinatown, Dynasty).

Theodore Reed, 90, American zookeeper and administrator, director of the National Zoo (1958–1983), complications of Alzheimer's disease.
Douglas Englebart, 88, the inventor of the computer mouse, at his home in Atherton, California.

Ryan Davis, 34, American video game journalist and critic (GameSpot), co-founder of Giant Bomb]
Frank Morriss, 85, American film editor (Romancing the Stone, Short Circuit).
PJ Torokvei, 62, Canadian actor, producer and screenwriter (WKRP in Cincinnati, Real Genius), complications of liver failure.

James Fulton, 73, American dermatologist and medical researcher, co-discoverer of Retin-A, colon cancer.
Bernie Nolan, 52, Irish singer (The Nolans) and actress, breast cancer.
Richard Waters, 77, American artist, inventor of the waterphone

Douglas Dayton, 88, American retail executive, founder of Target Corporation, cancer.
James McCoubrey, 111, Canadian-born American supercentenarian.

John Chun, 84, North Korean-born American car designer (Shelby Mustang, Tonka Toys), stomach cancer.
John B. Hightower, 80, American museum director (Museum of Modern Art 1969–1970, Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk, Mariners' Museum 1993–2007).

Joe Conley, 85, American actor (The Waltons, Cast Away), complications from dementia.
Charles Quinn, 82, American journalist (NBC News), heart failure.

Chase, 13, American golden retriever, bat dog and mascot for the Trenton Thunder, cancer.
Bob Hardesty, 82, American speechwriter (Lyndon B. Johnson), heart failure.
James Loper, 81, American television executive (KCET), director of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (1984–1999).

Jim Foglesong, 90, American country music executive (Capitol Records) and producer (Garth Brooks), inducted into Country Music Hall of Fame (2004).
Barbara Robinson, 85, American children's author (The Best Christmas Pageant Ever), cancer.
Toshi Seeger, 91, American environmental activist and filmmaker, founder of the Clearwater Festival, wife of Pete Seeger.

Philip Caldwell, 93, American corporate executive, Chairman and CEO of the Ford Motor Company (1979–1985), complications of a stroke.

Eugene P. Wilkinson, 94, American naval officer and nuclear power advocate, first CO of the USS Long Beach, founding CEO of the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations.

Paul Bhattacharjee, 53, British actor (EastEnders, Casino Royale, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel).(body found on this date)
Amar Bose, 83, American audio executive, founder of Bose Corporation.

Cory Monteith, 31, Canadian actor (Glee, Kyle XY, Monte Carlo) and singer, heroin and alcohol overdose.
Marc Simont, 97, French-born American children's book illustrator, Caldecott Medal winner for A Tree is Nice (1957).

Herbert M. Allison, 69, American financial executive (Merrill Lynch), Assistant US Secretary of the Treasury (2009–2010), oversaw TARP, heart attack.
Dennis Burkley, 67, American actor (King of the Hill, The Doors, My Name is Earl), heart attack.
Bill Warner, 44, American motorcycle racer, set land speed record on a conventional motorcycle (2011), motorcycle collision.

Talia Castellano, 13, American internet celebrity, neuroblastoma.

T-Model Ford, 93, American blues musician, respiratory failure.

Larry Grathwohl, 65, American informant, spied on Weather Underground for FBI.
Willie Louis, 76, American key witness in Emmett Till murder trial.
Carline Ray, 88, Jazz guitarist, died at Isabella House in New York City.

Poncie Ponce, 80, American actor (Hawaiian Eye), heart failure.
Mel Smith, 60, English comedian and actor (Not the Nine O'Clock News, The Princess Bride). heart attack.

John Casablancas, 70, American modeling agent and scout, founder of Elite Model Management, father of Julian Casablancas, cancer.
Helen Thomas, 92, American journalist and author, member of the White House Press Corps.

Marvin Price, 81, American Negro League baseball player.

Dennis Farina, 69, American actor (Law & Order, Get Shorty, Unsolved Mysteries), pulmonary embolism.
Mike Shipley, 56, Australian-born British Grammy Award-winning sound engineer and music producer (Def Leppard).
Keron Thomas, 37, American train thief, heart attack.

Emile Griffith, 75, Former world-class boxer who won five titles during the 1960s.
Garry Davis, 91, American peace activist.
Donald Symington, 88, American actor (Annie Hall, Mighty Aphrodite), Parkinson's disease.
Virginia Johnson, 88, the pioneering sex researcher who was part of a groundbreaking team with William Masters. Masters died in 2001.

JJ Cale, 74, American Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter ("After Midnight", "Cocaine") and musician, heart attack.
George P. Mitchell, 94, American businessman, real estate developer, and pioneer of shale gas technology.
Unbridled's Song, 20, American thoroughbred horse, winner of Breeders' Cup Juvenile (1995), euthanized.

Bud Day, 88, American USAF commander (Vietnam War), Medal of Honor recipient.
Herb Kaplow, 86, American news correspondent (NBC News, 1951–1972; ABC News 1972–1994), stroke.
Kidd Kraddick, 53, American radio and television personality (Kidd Kraddick in the Morning; Dish Nation), cardiac arrest.
Suzanne Krull, 47, American actress (Nash Bridges, Race to Witch Mountain, Go), ruptured aortic aneurysm.

Eileen Brennan, 80, American Emmy Award-winning actress (The Last Picture Show, Private Benjamin, Clue), bladder cancer.
Drungo Hazewood, 53, American baseball player (Baltimore Orioles), cancer.
William Scranton, 96, American politician, Governor of Pennsylvania (1963–1967), Ambassador to the United Nations (1976–1977), cerebral hemorrhage.

Frank Castillo, 44, Former Major League Baseball pitcher drowned while swimming in a lake near Phoenix.
Christian Benitez, 27, Ecuador striker,the top scorer in the Mexican league last season, died of a heart attack.

Harry F. Byrd, Jr., 98, American politician, member of the United States Senate from Virginia (1965–1983).
Ron Dias, 76, American animator (The Chipmunk Adventure, The Secret of NIMH) and painter.
Lawrence Nowlan, 48, American sculptor (Espy Award, My VH1 Music Awards, statues of Harry Kalas, Jackie Gleason).
Ossie Schectman, 94, the former New York Knicks guard who scored the league's first basket which placed him permanently in the annals of NBA history.
Michael Ansara, 91, Syrian-born American actor (Broken Arrow, Star Trek, Batman: The Animated Series).
John Graves, 92, American author (Goodbye to a River).
Alvis Wayne, 75, American rockabilly musician, liver cancer.

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