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Deaths - March 2013

Jewel Akens, 79, American R&B singer ("The Birds and the Bees"), complications from back surgery.

Chris Canavan, 84, British actor (Coronation Street).
Bonnie Franklin, 69, American actress (One Day at a Time), pancreatic cancer.

Pat Keen, 79, English actress (Fawlty Towers, Shadowlands).
Naw Kham, 43, Burmese drug lord, execution by lethal injection.
Magic, 37, American rap vocalist (Sky's the Limit), traffic collision.
Ric Menello, 60, American writer (Two Lovers), music video director ((You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!)), heart attack.

Gerald D. Klee, 86, American psychiatrist and LSD expert, involved in hallucinogenic drug research for US Army, complications following surgery.
Bobby Rogers, 73, American soul singer and songwriter (The Miracles), complications from diabetes.

Lilian Cahn, 89, American businesswoman, cofounder of Coach, Inc. and creator of its first line of handbags.
Fran Warren, 87, American singer ("Sunday Kind of Love") and actress (Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd).

Robert Relyea, 82, American film producer (West Side Story, Bullitt), natural causes.
Alvin Lee, 68, British guitarist (Ten Years After), complications from surgery.
Hugo Chavez, the polarizing president of Venezuela who cast himself as a "21st century socialist" and foe of the United States.

John J. Byrne, 81, American insurance executive, Chairman of White Mountains Insurance Group (GEICO,, cancer.
Claude King, 90, American country music singer ("Wolverton Mountain").
Willy Switkes, 83, American character actor (Tootsie), colon cancer.

Sammy Masters, 82, American rockabilly musician.

Merton Simpson, 84, American artist, gallery owner and African art collector, complications from stroke, diabetes and dementia.

Robert Chrisman, 75, American poet, activist and editor (The Black Scholar).
Adalin Wichman, 91, American sculptor, designer of the Eclipse Award Trophy.

Jacquelin Perry, 94, American orthopedic surgeon known for her treatment of polio.

Clive Burr, 56, British drummer (Iron Maiden), complications from multiple sclerosis.

Malachi Throne, 84, American actor (Batman, Star Trek, The Rockford Files).

Jim Barrett, 86, American wine pioneer and vineyard owner (Chateau Montelena).
Edward Bland, 86, American filmmaker and composer (Cry of Jazz).
Scott Kennedy, 47, American comedian.

Michael Roarty, 84, American brewing advertising executive (Anheuser-Busch), created "This Bud's for you" slogan.
Bobby Smith, 76, American singer (The Spinners), complications of influenza and pneumonia.

Frank Thornton, 92, British actor (Are You Being Served?, Last of the Summer Wine, Gosford Park).

Mitchell Hooks, 89, American artist, illustrator, and movie poster artist (Dr. No, The Sand Pebbles, El Dorado.
A.B.C. Whipple, 94, American journalist and author.

Muhammad Mahmood Alam, 77, Pakistani military officer, General and flying ace (Indo-Pakistani War of 1965).[274]
Mindy Baha El Din, 54, Egyptian environmentalist, complications from a stroke.[275]
Henry Bromell, 65, American screenwriter and producer (Homeland, Chicago Hope, Northern Exposure), heart attack.[276]
Clay Ford, 74, American politician, member of the Florida House of Representatives (since 2007), cancer.[277]
Earl Hersh, 80, American baseball player (Milwaukee Braves).[23]
Mary Ellen Rudin, 88, American mathematician.[278]
Robin M. Williams, 93, New Zealand mathematician, academic and civil servant, member of the Manhattan Project.[279]

Lester Lewis, 46, American television writer and producer (The Office, Caroline in the City, The PJs), suicide.
Harry Reems, 65, American porn actor (Deep Throat), pancreatic cancer.

Eddie Bond, 79, American rockabilly singer, complications from Alzheimer's disease.

Rena Golden, 51, Indian-born American journalist (CNN, The Weather Channel), lymphoma.
Risë Stevens, 99, American operatic mezzo-soprano.
Jack Stokes, 92, English animation director (Yellow Submarine, Heavy Metal).

Harlon Hill, 80, American football player (Chicago Bears), namesake of Harlon Hill Trophy, MVP (1955), Rookie of the Year (1954).
Elsie Thompson, 113, American supercentenarian, heart failure.
Rena Golden, 51, held top positions at CNN, lymphoma.

Christa Speck, 70, German model, Playboy Playmate (September 1961), Playmate of the Year (1962), natural causes.
Ray Williams, 58, American basketball player (New York Knicks), colon cancer.[349]

David Early, 74, American actor (Dawn Of The Dead, The Silence of the Lambs, Zack and Miri Make a Porno), cancer.
Norman Palmer, 94, American film and television editor (The Shaggy D.A., Ten Who Dared), natural causes.
Joe Weider, 93, Legendary publisher, promoter and weightlifter who created the Mr. Olympia contest and brought California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to the United States.

Peter Duryea, 73, American actor (Star Trek, Bewitched, The Fugitive).
Deke Richards, 68, American Motown songwriter ("ABC", "Mama's Pearl", "Maybe Tomorrow"), esophageal cancer.

Scott Hardkiss, 43, American electronic music producer (Hardkiss).
Anthony Lewis, 85, American journalist (The New York Times), winner of Pulitzer Prize (1955, 1963), kidney and heart failure.

Margie Alexander, 64, American R&B and soul singer.[389]

Martyl Langsdorf, 96, American visual artist, designer of the Doomsday Clock, lung infection.
Dave Leggett, 79, American football player (Chicago Cardinals), MVP of the 1955 Rose Bowl.
Patricia McCormick, 83, American bullfighter.
Audrey McElmury, 69, American racing cyclist, World Champion in 1969.
Jerzy Nowak, 89, Polish actor (Schindler's List).
Don Payne, 48, American television writer (The Simpsons) and screenwriter (Thor, My Super Ex-Girlfriend), bone cancer.

Roosevelt Jamison, 76, American songwriter ("That's How Strong My Love Is").
Fay Kanin, 95, American screenwriter, playwright and producer (Teacher's Pet, Friendly Fire), President of AMPAS (1979–1983).
Paul Williams, 64, American music journalist, publisher (Crawdaddy!), and writer (Bob Dylan, Performing Artist), complications from Alzheimer's disease.
Gordon Stoker, 88, part of the vocal group the Jordanaires, sang backup on hits by Elvis Presley.

Dale Hyatt, 87, American businessman.
John Charles Upton, Jr., 56, American documentary film maker, shot.
Robert Zildjian, 89, American musical instrument manufacturer (Sabian), cancer.

Barrie Dobson, 81, British historian.[446]
Reid Flair, 25, American professional wrestler, son of Ric Flair, heroin overdose.
Jim Mees, 57, American Emmy-winning set designer (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Perfect Strangers), pancreatic cancer.

Daniel Hoffman, 89, American poet, United States Poet Laureate (1973–1974).
Bob Turley, 82, American baseball player (Baltimore Orioles, New York Yankees), World Series MVP (1958), liver cancer.
Phil Ramone, 72, Music producer and innovator.

Helena Carroll, 84, Scottish actress (Rocky V, The Jerk).
Henry Clarke, 79, American businessman and venture capitalist, developed the Klondike bar.
Bob Clarke, 87, American illustrator (Mad Magazine), complications of pneumonia.
Ronnie Smith, 64, American Olympic champion (1968) sprinter.

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