Thursday, December 26, 2013

Deaths October 2013

Hilton A. Green, 84, American assistant director (Psycho) and producer (Sixteen Candles).
Tom Clancy, 66, American author.

Frank D'Rone, 81, American jazz musician, cancer.
Bill Eppridge, 75, American photographer (Life), who photographed Sen. Robert F. Kennedy moments after he was fatally shot in Los Angeles in 1968, septic infection.

Nicholas Oresko, 96, American World War II veteran, Medal of Honor recipient, complications from surgery.
Herman Wallace, 71, American prisoner, one of the Angola Three held in solitary confinement (1972–2013), liver cancer.
Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap, 102, of the Vietnam People's Army, a man credited with major victories against the French and the American military.

Ruth R. Benerito, 97, American scientist, inventor of wash-and-wear (permanent press) fabrics.
Butch Warren, 74, American jazz bassist, lung cancer.

Philip Chevron, 56, Irish musician (The Pogues), esophageal cancer.

Larry Verne, 77, American singer, Alzheimers disease.

Scott Carpenter, 88, American test pilot, astronaut and aquanaut, complications from a stroke.
Joseph Gomer, 93, American pilot (Tuskegee Airman), cancer.
Jan Kuehnemund, 51, American musician (Vixen), cancer.
Kumar Pallana, 94, Indian actor (The Royal Tenenbaums, The Terminal) and vaudeville performer.
Jim Shumate, 91, American bluegrass musician.
Cal Smith, 81, American country singer ("The Lord Knows I'm Drinking", "Country Bumpkin").

Terry Rhoads, 61, American actor (Liar Liar, Hitchcock, The Day After Tomorrow), amyloidosis.
Joshua Marks, 26, "MasterChef" runner-up died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head.

Oscar Hijuelos, 62, American novelist (The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love), winner of Pulitzer Prize (1990), heart attack.
Mann Rubin, 85, American screenwriter (The First Deadly Sin, The Mod Squad, Barnaby Jones).

Maxine Powell, 98, American etiquette who helped nurture the style of Motown artists such as Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross in the 1960s.

Donald Bailey, 80, American jazz drummer.[170]
Gloria Lynne, 83, American jazz vocalist, heart attack.

George Olesen, 88, American comic strip artist (The Phantom).

Ed Lauter, 74, American actor (The Artist, The Rocketeer, Not Another Teen Movie), mesothelioma.

Giant George, 7, American Great Dane, world's tallest dog.
Lou Scheimer, 84, American television producer (He-Man, Fat Albert), co-founder of Filmation, Parkinson's disease.

Mary Carver, 89, American actress (The Shadow Box, Simon & Simon).
Naomi Conner, 114, American supercentenarian, oldest living person in Texas.
Tom Foley, 84, American politician, Speaker of the House of Representatives (1989–1995); Ambassador to Japan (1997–2001), complications from a stroke.
Roland Janes, 80, American rockabilly guitarist and record producer.

Robert Mazer, 90, American industrialist, Chicago White Sox owner.
"Bum" Phillips, 90, former NFL football coach who led the Houston Oilers to glory and struggled with the New Orleans Saints.

Noel Harrison, 79, British singer ("The Windmills of Your Mind"), actor (The Girl From U.N.C.L.E.) and Olympic skier, heart attack.
Jon Locke, 86, American actor (Land of the Lost), complications from a stroke.
William C. Lowe, 72, American businessman, involved in development of IBM PC.

Lawrence Klein, 93, American economist, predicted post-World War II economic boom, laureate of Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences (1980).
Larri Thomas, 81, American actress (Million Dollar Mermaid, The Silencers, Love Me or Leave Me), fall.
Sid Yudain, 90, American journalist, founder of Roll Call.

Bud Adams, 90, American businessman, owner of the Tennessee Titans, natural causes.

William Harrison, 79, American author and screenwriter (Rollerball), kidney failure.

Gypie Mayo, 62, English rock guitarist (Dr. Feelgood, The Yardbirds) and songwriter ("Milk and Alcohol").

Ben Haden, 88, American televangelist, broadcaster and CIA operative.
Frank Perconte, 96, American World War II veteran, portrayed in Band of Brothers.
Deborah Turbeville, 81, American fashion photographer, lung cancer.

Hal Needham, 82, American stuntman and film director (Smokey and the Bandit, The Cannonball Run), cancer.
Bill Sharman, 87, American Hall of Fame basketball player (Boston Celtics) and coach (Los Angeles Lakers), complications from a stroke.
Marcia Wallace, 70, American actress (The Simpsons, The Bob Newhart Show) and comedienne, pneumonia.

Doug Ireland, 67, American journalist and blogger.
Al Johnson, 65, American soul singer (The Unifics).

Roger McGee, 86, American actor (Forbidden Planet).
Lou Reed, 71, American rock musician (The Velvet Underground) and songwriter ("Walk on the Wild Side"), liver disease.

John Spence, 95, American World War II veteran, first combat frogman.
Graham Stark, 91, English comedian and actor (The Pink Panther, Superman III, Alfie), stroke.

Pete Haycock, 62, English guitarist (Climax Blues Band).

Michael Palmer, 71, American novelist.
Ralph Tarrant, 110, English supercentenarian, United Kingdom's oldest living man.
Frank Wess, 91, American jazz saxophonist and flautist, heart attack.

Toby Bluth, 64, American artist and animator (Alvin & the Chipmunks, The Smurfs).
Chris Chase, 90, American actress (Killer's Kiss, All That Jazz), pancreatic cancer.
Bobby Parker, 76, American blues-rock guitarist.

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