Friday, January 31, 2014

"I Was Wrong!" A Father's Confession

Keith, Evan...

I'm on a different journey in my life. I'm getting old and I'm on my 
own for the first time. I always thought things would be different.
I may not have a chance to say these things to you. So, permit me to
say them now.

Wait, don't say a word, sigh, moan or tune out as though you already 
know what I'm going to say. You think perhaps I've said it all before 
like some broken record and you don't want to hear it again.
What could I possibly say that I haven't said before?

"I was wrong."

I knew that would get your attention.

When I told you how much I loved you, I was wrong. It turns out I 
loved you even more.

When I said, "You can become anything you want." I was wrong. You're 
becoming even more than you thought you could.

When I said, "You didn't hear a word I said!" I was wrong. I've heard
 you say "I love you!" a million times.

When I told you "Hold my hand when we cross the street. You'll be 

I was wrong. I really wanted to hold onto you while I could. I knew 
one day you'd let go of me.

When I said I'm very proud of both my sons, I was wrong. I never 
imagined how incredibly proud I could be.

I've heard you say that you want things to be different when you 
have children and you don't want an ordinary life.

I said the same thing. I was wrong.

I did indeed do things differently than my dad, you will, too. But 
in the end I wanted the same results. I wanted the very best for my 
children. So did he.

In spite of all his imperfections, inability to communicate his 
love properly, stubborn, sometimes arrogant ways, my father did okay.

My brother is an incredibly successful man and I'm still working on it.

So, as I venture into this new life let me leave you with one final thought.
Don't take anything for granted. Work hard to make love the focus
of your life. Don't assume that everything is okay with your 
marriage. Ask, listen and change where you need to make changes.
You can say the words, "I love you!" but you must also show it.
You can show her that you love her, but she must also know you mean it.
You can sing to her, cling to her and think you are everything to her,
but don't assume you are, just because she's still there.
You may turn around one day and find yourself alone.

Oh, yes. One really big thing...
Don't ever be too proud to say, "I was wrong."

I love you, 

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