Monday, January 27, 2014

‘Skin In The Game’ – The GOP’s Latest Way To Make You Hate The Poor

You’ve surely head the phrase by now: “Skin in the game.” It’s the right’s new front in their war on the poor. For the last couple of years, that phrase has been percolating through right-wing thought and it’s starting to become a major talking point. It is, of course, the same class warfare that Republicans, Fox News and AM Hate Radio constantly accuse liberals of waging.

The idea is that if you pay income taxes (the skin in the game), then you should have more rights than people (aka the poor) that do not. After all, they’re just freeloading off of you, the honest, god-fearing, real American that loves mom and apple pie. The poor have no skin in the game so they don’t deserve to have a say in how they should be treated. Like nail fungus if Paul Ryan were to have his way.

But don’t you call it class warfare!

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