Friday, January 10, 2014

Today's Quote

~Regaining Our Sense of the Sacred~

Looking out at the world around us there are so many difficult problems, with so few solutions in sight. Social, political, ecological, spiritual, economic issues.. Unemployment, drug use, war, prostitution, poverty, pollution, crime, suicide, etc.

They all seem so difficult to solve. Yet if you dig a bit the roots of most of these issues, they seem to grow out of the same soil. There has been a loss of our sense of the sacred that came about as economic systems based on money became more dominant in human communities.

We've come to value things instead of people, products instead of nature's living creations. It's infected our thinking, our education systems, politics, media, life styles, everything, and leads to so much suffering.

Every life is precious, every forest, meadow and stream, every tree, child, river and lake, is a sacred gift from the Universe. We are children of Nature, so lucky to be here together on this planet, so much to be grateful for.

We just need to open our hearts and minds, change our ways of thinking and behaving, and care for one another more deeply...

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