Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Today's Quote

If you wish to reach your highest potential you cannot stay on the shore.

You must step into the water - and it will be cold - there will be threat of sharks - it will be deep - but until you leave the shore you will never ever know the delight of the dare, the joy of the jump and the exhilaration of the entrance.

You can stand on the shore and talk about it.

You can pull out your telescope and look at the distant shore.

You can even hold meetings and motivate one another about how great it would be.

But until you roll up your sleeves, pull up your pants and step into the water NOTHING is going to ever happen and NOTHING will ever change in your life.

Oh sure you could in fact DROWN! But what a way to DIE in the midst of the TRY.

I would rather die in the pursuit of the dream than to be a part of the class called MEDIOCRE.

Those who TRY are not mediocre. They are champions. They will win. They will overcome. They will one day get there - if they don't do one thing.

And that one thing is: QUIT!

So if you have been stuck in the sand of PROCRASTINATE. If you have been held up in the mud of ONE DAY. If you are standing on the grassy hill thinking of the BY & BY.

I tell you this.



Be blessed!

Peter G. James Sinclair

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