Friday, March 14, 2014

7 Feng Shui Tips To Spring Clean Your Home & Your Life

In spring, the earth leaps into action. Spring is the season of blooming and sprouting, and the best way to prepare for its arrival is to clear lots of space for the greatness of all that's about to emerge in your life. It's time to come out of hibernation and stretch into the sunshine. Flowers wake up. Seeds are planted. The days stay lighter longer.

In the ancient practices of feng shui and Traditional Chinese Medicine there's a reverence for staying connected to nature and flowing with the seasons. While you do some spring cleaning, you may want to think of ways to spend more time outside in the months to come to really harness the greatness of the seasonal switch.

Today I wanted to share a few feng shui-ed spring cleaning tips that can help you create the foundation for a season of real abundance:

1. Declutter!

I often recommend clearing out the clutter in your home, office, car and any other space in your life, but in spring, focus your efforts on what you need to clear away in order to feel more active. Bring your workout gear front and center in your closet, along with brighter colors if you really want to embrace the rebirth of the season. Deep cleaning the whole kitchen — particularly the refrigerator — will somewhat strangely make you feel incredible. It's a great prosperity feng shui tip, too!

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