Friday, March 14, 2014

Becoming Emotionally Self-Reliant

Are you emotionally dependent? Ask yourself these questions:

•Are you looking for a romantic partner to make you happy?
•If you have a partner, do you look to this person for love, for sex, for support, for reassurance, for validation?
•Are you upset if your partner doesn’t react in a certain way, doesn’t meet a need?
•When you’re alone, do you feel the need to fill the loneliness void with distraction? Are you always on your phone when you’re alone?
•Do you complain a lot about other people? Get mad because of things they do?
•Is your relationship the center of your universe? What about your relationship with friends or your kids?
•Do you get bothered if your partner does something that doesn’t include you, or cuts out something that you’ve been doing together?
•Do you get jealous?

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