Friday, March 28, 2014

Pro-Life? GOP Promotes Nine Out Of Ten Things That Cause Death In Unborn Children

Since it is all but impossible to debate a republican or a Tea Partier on any topic without having the subject instantly turned to “killing the unborn,” this list is one that is meant to help those on the left regain control of the conversation. It includes the ten leading causes of pregnancy termination and infant death, nine of which involve policies that are supported and even promoted by the GOP.

Assuming that there are at least a few members of the GOP or the Tea Party who really do want to “protect the unborn” and aren’t just trying to control women and send them back to their “rightful place in society,” (which of course is barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen), this list could help open their eyes to the lack of sincerity coming from their party’s mostly male leadership.

Anyone who truly wants to “protect life” should understand that to single-mindedly focus on one cause of death in the unborn, pretending that it is the only thing that “kills the unborn,” is not a reasonable way to address the issue. The truth is that GOP policies have killed more unborn fetuses and newly born infants, than all of the abortions performed on earth, in the history of the world, combined.

10 causes of death in unborn children.

1. Natural Causes: If human life begins at conception (as most republicans insist it does) then at least 50 to 75 percent of all human life ends within the first month after conception, naturally. The woman’s body expels the “unborn life” through her menstrual cycle, in most cases never even realizing that she was pregnant. It’s interesting to note that the rate of these “natural deaths” is greatly reduced by the use of birth of control, since it prevents conception to begin with.

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