Tuesday, April 29, 2014

President Obama Shreds Fox News For Their Bogus Criticisms Of His Foreign Policy

President Obama engaged in one of his favorite press conference hobbies. The president handed Ed Henry his head for asking yet another Fox News fueled stupid question that was entirely based on Republican talking points. As soon as Henry broke out the phrase red line, it was easy to see the utter BS question coming.

Obama went through and debunked point by point the right’s bogus criticisms of his foreign policy. The president got in an immediate jab at Fox News by suggesting that the network ignored the complimentary pieces about his foreign policy. Obama directly took on the Republican talking point that Fox News pushes on a daily basis that his foreign policy isn’t strong or manly enough.

The president hit Fox News and the Republicans hard by saying that haven’t learned the lessons of the decision to invade Iraq, and that they keep hitting the same note over and over again. He called out Fox and the GOP for being wrong about Syria, and for advocating military strikes that the American people want no part of. He made it clear that his foreign policy decisions aren’t made because some clown at a cable news network thinks that they will make him look strong.

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