Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Rachel Maddow: Why is the U.S. so reluctant to confront its own right-wing terrorists?

Tuesday night on her MSNBC show, Rachel Maddow discussed the real threat of violence from right-wing extremists here in the U.S. as opposed to Islamic terrorism, which most Americans are much more afraid of.

She began by detailing the arrests in the late 1980s of several members of the Aryan Nation gang, a ring of counterfeiters and criminals who hoped to bring about an all-white homeland, or at least a section of the country devoted to the white race.

In 1987, 15 neo-Nazi leaders of the Aryan Nation were arrested and charged with sedition.

According to the New America Foundation, she said, since the 9/11 attacks, 21 people have been killed in the name of Islamic extremism in the U.S., whereas the number of people killed by right-wing extremists stands at 34 after the three deaths in Kansas.

Nevertheless, huge swaths of U.S. policy are dedicated to fighting Islamic terrorism abroad, “But when it comes to the proven and interconnected threat of the armed, American extreme right wing, we’re still treating every attack by them like a surprise, still treating those attackers like a lone wolf, regardless of however many letters you find between them,” regardless of the places where they talk to each other online, “regardless of the tide of evidence that these organizations exist and are operational.”

Why won’t the country at large acknowledge the real threat of right-wing extremism, she asked. “Should that change?”

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