Friday, April 25, 2014

Rush Limbaugh Says Meet The Press is Dying Because David Gregory Is Too Liberal

I ended my Sunday tradition of MTP long ago when it became apparent Gregory was a hack for the right and the guests go largely unchallenged.

Here we have another example of Rush Limbaugh talking about something that he knows nothing about. (which is EVERYTHING!) The problem isn’t that Gregory is too liberal. The main issues are that Gregory is too willing to push Republican talking points as fact and that he is a completely unlikable moderator.

Limbaugh’s claims that Gregory is failing because he is too liberal is based on the myth that America is a conservative country, but the nation is clearly moving to the left. Eventually, some smart person on network television will figure this out, and stop boring their shrinking audiences with so many Republican appearances. If the Sunday shows want the audience to come back, the worst they could do would be to hire an extreme conservative. Rush Limbaugh’s audience is even older (66 years old) than that of Fox News (65 years old).

The fact that Limbaugh thinks David Gregory is too liberal illustrates how far out of the mainstream the conservative movement has fallen.

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