Friday, April 11, 2014

Snickerdoodle Poppers

1 can of Grands Flaky Layers Biscuits
1 Box of instant Vanilla, or chocolate, or Nutella
1/4 Cups of powdered sugar mixed with Cinnamon (your taste)
Oil for frying
A flavor injector , or a pastry frosting tip will work too!

1.Unroll the biscuits and cut them into fourths. Roll each piece into a ball…

2.Prepare the instant Vanilla pudding according to the directions and set aside..or feel free to make your own Pastry Cream, or chocolate pudding or maybe you like to try Nutella

3.In a medium pot heat up about 2″ of oil

4.Place about 5 balls at a time into the hot (350 degrees) oil and fry until both sides are evenly golden…

5.Carefully inject each popper with some of the Vanilla Pudding. ( lo que usted quiera)

6.Sprinkle with cinnamon powdered sugar on them . Another good idea is to dip chocolate .. mmm yummy .. I think next time I’ll do this .. surely I’ll upload lots of pictures! now to enjoy!

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