Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Mainstream Media Finally Abandons Sarah Palin and Declares Her Over

Treating Palin as a legitimate political figure rather than the brain dead idiot she is, is all the proof that one needs to conclude that our media is run by hacks!

For years, the media has happily pretended that Sarah Palin was a star, and a rival to President Obama. Palin was always the novelty that Republicans claim President Obama to be. Palin has taken to making radical statements to get media attention. Her latest is that if she were in charge she would baptize terrorists through waterboarding.

Palin will always have her fans, but even they realize that there is no future in supporting Sarah. There is no Senate campaign, or a presidential run coming. Palin is still living off of those few months in 2008, when she was a national political somebody.

Sarah Palin is the one hit wonder who started out playing arenas, then moved down to the clubs, then moved further down to the county fair circuit. When you stop drawing a crowd on the county fair circuit, it’s over.

The media is finally catching on that it is time to ignore Sarah Palin.

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