Friday, May 16, 2014

7 Feng Shui Ways To Find Balance In Your Crazy Life

While balance is a very personal concept and no one feng shui tip is one-size-fits-all, here are some pretty universal ways you can create more balance in your space to help you become more centered and powerful in all of life.

1. Turn up the light in darkness.

Also turn down the ultrabright light. Dark spaces, especially in homes that make you feel lazy or unfocused, can benefit from extra light from full-spectrum light-bulbs. Hyper-bright spaces can benefit from lights on dimmers. Always try to dim the light an hour or two before bed, as it promotes a more restful sleep cycle.

2. Mix light and heavy objects.

If all of your furniture is extremely heavy, that denotes a heavy life. If everything is light, that hints at feeling ungrounded. Mix the two and you have more of a sense of stability and motion. Example: a giant desk with a lightweight chair on wheels is the perfect mix of heavy and light.

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