Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Las Vegas Shooting Spree – A Product of Tea Party ‘Ideology’

This is your Republican party...

Emerging facts about the couple responsible for the Las Vegas shooting spree not only confirm the reality of domestic terrorism, but the fact that there is a large network of money and media enablers behind it.

Despite the Alex Jones’ propaganda machine’s wild claims that this is another false flag, facts show that right wing nut jobs who listen to Jones (along with Fox, Limbaugh and the standard right wing propaganda sources) were responsible for the Las Vegas shooting spree that left two police officers and an innocent bystander dead. Perhaps most interesting as we enter the propaganda phase of whose to blame for this week’s mass shooting, lies in the fact that a fellow right winger, Richard Mack, destroy’s Jones’ conspiracy theory. The combination of facts include Facebook posts, rants at right wing websites like Info wars and Breitbart.com years before the Millers went on their shooting spree.

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