Friday, June 13, 2014

Republican Nightmares Have Come True as 66% Of Americans Want To Keep Their Obamacare

The worst nightmare of the Republican Party has come true as a new Bloomberg poll found that 66% of Americans want to keep their Obamacare.

According to a new Bloomberg National Poll, “The majority of Americans — 60 percent — say the law has so far meant no real change to their own health care. About a quarter say it has resulted in big changes, while 15 percent report small differences. Fifty-six percent favor keeping Obamacare with perhaps “small modifications,” while 10 percent would leave it as is. That’s the highest level of acceptance yet in a Bloomberg poll.”

The Bloomberg poll is the Republicans’ worst nightmares come true. Fifty-three percent said that that they oppose the law, but only thirty two percent of those polled want the law repealed. Republicans have painted themselves into a corner with their repeal or bust stance. They have nothing to offer the fifty six percent who want to keep the law, but modify it. Support for repealing the ACA has dropped to a new of 32%, so Republicans don’t have anyone other than their base supporting repeal.

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