Wednesday, July 02, 2014

One of Life's Little Lists

Here is a road trip checklist to help make car trips fun and hassle-free. Add your own ideas, then keep it handy for easy reference.

__Cell Phone

__Extra Car Keys



__Tapes, CDs or MP3 Player


__Moist Towlettes

__Paper Towels

__Windex Wipes

__Quarters and Small Bills

__Plastic Bags (lots)


__Bottled Water


__Snacks that don't make a mess

__Drink Boxes that don't dribble

__Ice Pack

__First Aid Kit





__Bottle opener

__Swiss Army knife


__Tool kit

__Spare tire and jack

__Air pressure guage

__Jumper cables

__Fire Extinguisher


__Warning lights or flares


__Tow Chain




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