Monday, July 28, 2014

The New American Segregation

Corporate coffers are stuffed full. Their piggy banks runneth over. The top 25 percent of Americans have consumed more and more of the total income in America since 1970 – moving from less than 10 percent to more than 40 percent – and the rest of us have “enjoyed” smaller and smaller percentages of the overall income. Most of America is poorer than it has ever been while corporations, CEO and top managers are living high on the hog.

Businesses, however, continue to lay off workers. Then they demand more from those “lucky” enough to keep their jobs – even though US workers already work more and get less time off than the workers of all the other industrialized nations.

Us? We complain. We post on Facebook and Tweet out our anger and dissatisfaction in 140-character bursts. Some try to organize, but the numbers never materialize in a way that has real impact.

All the while, the fat cats get fatter and continue to over stuff their piggy banks and they use the money that they make at our expense to buy off D.C. in order to not only keep the loopholes that allow them to hold on to more of their money than the people who work for them, but also to pass laws that make it easier to step on their workers, make themselves richer, and eliminate the very government assistance that would help the people they lay off or massively underpay.

Us? We bask in our stay-cations and try to forget for a few days that the future is bleak at the hands of our wealthy overlords.

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