Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Conservatives Warn That GOP Must Act On Immigration, Not Just Attack Obama

In the wake of huge wins for the Republican Party in the 2014 elections, conservatives in favor of immigration reform are warning their GOP counterparts they can't spend the next two years ranting against an executive order on immigration rather than proposing their own bills.

Such warnings are commonplace for those who see the GOP's long-term viability as tied to broadening its appeal with minority voters. But their tone has grown more dire following the midterms.

The consensus used to be that immigration reform was necessary for the Republican party to compete in 2016 and future presidential elections. But the GOP won big in 2014 without the Republican-led House passing reform. Now, pro-reform Republicans are worried the GOP is about to fall into a trap by spending the next two years demonizing the president for his plans to grant deportation relief while passing no legislation of its own.

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