Sunday, November 02, 2014

Without Stupid People Republicans Would Go Extinct

The word “stupid” has a broad range of applications, but it generally means a person lacks rudimentary intelligence or the ability to reason. It can also imply a congenital lack of capacity for reasoning, or a permanent state of daze or slow-mindedness. However one defines or applies the word stupid, they can hardly think of the word without directly relating it to Republican supporters; especially those who are not part of the wealthiest one-percent of income earners.

Over the past week while encouraging people to vote in the midterm elections, it became apparent that the level of stupidity inherent in people inclined to support Republicans is beyond comprehension. In fact, as an educator, it is frightening that so many people of voting age lack the fundamental reasoning ability of a second-grader and are even less-informed about basic facts than a kindergartner; exactly the type of voter Republicans depend on to win elections. It really does not matter what issue or policy the typical GOP voter either supports or opposes, they base their position on whatever absurdity their favorite Republican candidate espouses; regardless of reality.

One of the most bizarre ideas held by Republicans living in drought-stricken California is that the lack of rainfall responsible for, among other things, a non-existent snowpack in the mountains and dried-up wells is due to the Clean Water Act and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). As a reminder to morons, a drought is an extended period when a region receives consistently below average precipitation; or for Republican voters, there is no rain. Still, local Republicans like Koch-teabagger Jeff Denham have convinced ignoramuses that the reason it has not rained in California for the past three years is because the EPA regulates the amount of toxic chemicals the oil industry pours directly into the air and water. Unbelievably, more GOP voters are convinced that eliminating the EPA will bring back normal rainfall to the region and create millions of high-paying jobs to boot.

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