Wednesday, December 10, 2014

12 Spiritually Uplifting Rituals To Try

Rituals are a great way to bring the spirit of playfulness and gratitude back into your life. Here are 12 fun, inspiring and spiritually uplifting holiday rituals to try, so enlist a friend or two to take the journey with you.

1. Sometimes it's those little things that make you feel good.

Inhale an uplifting scent like jasmine, vanilla, orange or geranium.

Eat a "happy food" — oranges, mangos, anything vanilla or a good piece of dark chocolate. Carry a "happiness object" — a fun photo, happy face sticker or a small stone that will remind you to lighten up.

2. Put down your phone and take a digital detox.

Take an hour out of your day to turn off your phone, computer and tablets. Now breathe!

Take a nap, walk in the park (no texting allowed), or have a face-to-face conversation with a friend.

3. Throw an exchange party with your friends.

Go through all your old jewelry, shoes, accessories and clothes. Pick out things that you've outgrown because it no longer feels like you.

Invite your friends to do the same, come together and have an exchange party. Everyone can leave with a gift or two and no one has to spend a dime.

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