Monday, December 01, 2014

Deaths - January 2014

Pete DeCoursey, 52, American political journalist, cancer.
James H. Harless, 94, American industrialist and philanthropist
Billy McColl, 62, Scottish actor (Doctor Who).
Juanita Moore, 99, American actress (Imitation of Life).
Tabby Thomas, 84, American blues musician.

Bernard Glasser, 89, American film producer (Return of the Fly, The Day of the Triffids).
Michael J. Matthews, 79, American politician and convicted criminal, Mayor of Atlantic City, New Jersey (1982–1984).
Jay Traynor, 70, American singer (Jay and the Americans), liver cancer.

Larry Arndt, 50, American baseball player (Oakland Athletics).
Phil Everly, 74, American singer and musician (The Everly Brothers), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Donald Forst, 81, American newspaper editor, cancer.
George Goodman, 83, American economics commentator (Adam Smith's Money World), myelofibrosis.
Alicia Rhett, 98, American actress (Gone with the Wind) and portrait painter, natural causes.
Saul Zaentz, 92, American film producer (One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest, The English Patient), Alzheimer's disease.

Caixa Eletronica, 8, American racehorse, training collision.

Jerry Coleman, 89, American baseball player, manager and broadcaster (Yankees, Padres) and Marine aviator, complications from brain bleeding and surgery.
Tom Quinn, 79, American actor (The Wire, Super 8, The Next Three Days), diabetes.
Carmen Zapata, 86, American actress (Sister Act, Santa Barbara).

Aitzaz Hasan, 15, Pakistani schoolboy, intercepted suicide bomber at school, injuries sustained in bombing.
Frank Illiano, 86, American criminal (Genovese crime family), infection.
Larry D. Mann, 91, Canadian-born American actor (Gunsmoke, Hill Street Blues, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer).
Todd Williams, 35, American football player (Tennessee Titans).

Alvin Aubert, 83, American poet.
Jim Colombo, 49, American kickboxer.
Thomas V. Jones, 93, American businessman, CEO of Northrop Corporation (1960–1989), pulmonary fibrosis.
Sunshine Forever, 29, American racehorse.

Madeline Gins, 72, American poet, painter and architect, cancer.
Jacques Lazarus, 97, Swiss-born French military officer, Jewish resistance leader in France during World War II.

Rynn Berry, 68, American vegetarian activist and author, heart attack.
Roy Campbell, Jr., 61, American jazz trumpeter.
Cliff Carpenter, 98, American actor (Synecdoche, New York, Alan Wake).
D. Harold McNamara, 90, American astronomer.
Dale T. Mortensen, 74, American economist, laureate of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences (2010).
Bill Woodhouse, 77, American sprinter.

Sam Berns, 17, American high school student, progeria sufferer and documentary subject (Life According to Sam), progeria.
Larry Speakes, 74, American journalist, de facto White House Press Secretary (1981–1987), Alzheimer's disease.

Jophery Brown, 68, American baseball player (Chicago Cubs) and stuntman (Die Hard, Predator, Oblivion).
Ariel Sharon, 85, Israeli politician and general, Minister of Defense (1981–1983), Prime Minister (2001–2006), heart failure.
Jerome Willis, 85, British actor (Doctor Who, Space Precinct).

Neal Barrett, Jr., 84, American author.
Alexandra Bastedo, 67, British actress (The Champions) and animal welfare advocate, cancer.
John Horsley, 93, British actor (The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin, The Box of Delights, You Rang, M'Lord?).
Frank Marth, 91, American actor (The Honeymooners, Hogan's Heroes), heart failure and Alzheimer's disease.

Gary Grimshaw, 67, American rock concert graphic poster artist.
Norm Parker, 72, American college football coach, defensive coordinator of the Iowa Hawkeyes (1999–2011).

Bernard Perlin, 95, American painter.
Esther Ann Reeser, 86, American baseball player (Springfield Sallies).
Richard Shepherd, 86, American film producer (Breakfast at Tiffany's), kidney failure.
Mae Young, 90, American Hall of Fame professional wrestler.

Stanford Tischler, 92, American film editor and producer (M*A*S*H).

Gary Arlington, 75, American author, editor and publisher, key figure in the underground comix movement.
Harvey Bernhard, 89, American film producer (The Goonies, The Omen, The Lost Boys).
Ruth Duccini, 95, American actress (The Wizard of Oz), natural causes.
Russell Johnson, 89, American actor (Gilligan's Island), kidney failure.
Dave Madden, 82, Canadian-born American actor (Laugh In, The Partridge Family, Alice), heart and kidney failure.
Hal Sutherland, 84, American animator (Sleeping Beauty, Star Trek: The Animated Series), co-founder of Filmation.

Dennis Frederiksen, 62, American rock singer (Angel, Le Roux, Toto), liver cancer.
Sarah Marshall, 80, British actress (The Long, Hot Summer, Star Trek, Dave), cancer.

Steven Fromholz, 68, American entertainer, singer and songwriter, Poet Laureate of Texas (2007), accidental shooting.
Ben Starr, 92, American television producer (The Brady Bunch, All in the Family), creator (The Facts of Life, Silver Spoons), comedy writer and playwright.

James Jacks, 66, American film producer (The Mummy, Mallrats), heart attack.

Martin S. Bergmann, 100, American psychology professor and actor (Crimes and Misdemeanors).

Lew Massey, 57, American basketball player (Charlotte 49ers).
Charlie Osgood, 87, American baseball player (Brooklyn Dodgers

Lisa Daniely, 83, British actress (The Invisible Man, Doctor Who, The First Churchills).

Dave Strack, 90, American basketball player and coach (Michigan Wolverines), pneumonia.
Morrie Turner, 90, American cartoonist (Wee Pals).
Dennis Wirgowski, 66, American football player (New England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles).

Margery Mason, 100, English actress (The Princess Bride, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Love Actually).
Patrick D. Smith, 87, American author (A Land Remembered).

Ann Carter, 77, American child actress (The Curse of the Cat People), ovarian cancer.
Pete Seeger, 94, American folk singer and songwriter ("Turn! Turn! Turn!", "If I Had a Hammer").

John Cacavas, 83, American television score composer (Kojak, Hawaii 5-O).

Johnny Allen, 96, American music arranger (Shaft), complications from pneumonia.
Biko, 30, American Olympic eventing horse (1996), euthanized.
Colonel Meow, 2, American Himalayan-Persian cat, Guinness World Record holder for longest fur.

Campbell Lane, 78, Canadian actor (Cool Runnings, The X-Files, Scary Movie 4).
The Mighty Hannibal, 74, American R&B, soul and funk singer, songwriter and record producer.

Deborah Blackwell, 63, American cable network executive (SOAPnet) and talent agent, Pick's disease.
Anna Gordy Gaye, 92, American songwriter ("Baby, I'm for Real"), co-founder of Anna Records, natural causes.
Christopher Jones, 72, American actor (The Legend of Jesse James, Ryan's Daughter, The Looking Glass War), cancer.

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