Monday, December 15, 2014

Deaths - June 2014

Ann B. Davis, 88, American actress (The Bob Cummings Show, The Brady Bunch), Emmy winner (1958, 1959), subdural hematoma from a fall.
Yuri Kochiyama, 93, American internment camp detainee and civil rights activist.
Jay Lake, 49, American author (Mainspring), colorectal cancer.
Tom Rounds, 77, American radio production executive (American Top 40), complications from surgery.

Marjorie Stapp, 92, American actress (My Three Sons, Dragnet).

Ed Negre, 86, American race-car driver and owner (NASCAR, Dale Earnhardt).
Chester Nez, 93, American Navajo code talker, last remaining Navajo who developed the code, recipient of the Congressional Gold Medal (2001), renal failure.
Cliff Severn, 88, British-born American cricketer (national team) and child actor (A Christmas Carol, How Green Was My Valley).
Don Zimmer, 83, American baseball player (Brooklyn Dodgers) and manager (Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs), heart failure as a complication from cardiac surgery.

Don Davis, 75, American musician, songwriter (Who's Making Love, Disco Lady) and Grammy Award-winning producer (You Don't Have to Be a Star).
Johnny Leach, 91, British table tennis player, World Table Tennis Champion (1949, 1951), team champion (1953), President of the ETTA.

Karen DeCrow, 76, American civil rights activist, lawyer and author, President of the National Organization for Women (1974–1977), melanoma.\
Lorna Wing, 85, British psychiatrist, co-founder of the National Autistic Society, coined the term "Asperger syndrome".

Alan Douglas, 80, American record producer (Jimi Hendrix) and sound engineer (Eric Clapton).
Jane Gray, 112, Scottish-born Australian supercentenarian, oldest living Scottish-born person and Australian resident.
Jacques Herlin, 86, French character actor (Of Gods and Men).

Dennis Lewiston, 80, British cinematographer (The Rocky Horror Picture Show).
Yoshihito, Prince Katsura, 66, Japanese royal, acute heart failure.

Junie Donlavey, 90, American Hall of Fame NASCAR team owner (Ken Schrader, Jody Ridley, Donlavey Racing), Alzheimer's disease.
Rik Mayall, 56, English comedian, writer and actor (The Young Ones, Drop Dead Fred, Bottom), heart attack.
Bosse Persson, 72, Swedish eccentric and political figure, founder of the Donald Duck Party

William Pannill, 87, American daffodil hybridizer, president of the American Horticultural Society.

Ruby Dee, 91, American award-winning actress (Decoration Day, American Gangster) and civil rights activist, National Medal of Arts laureate (1995).
Claude Horan, 96, American ceramic, glass artist and surfer, coined the term "Steamer Lane".
Carlton Sherwood, 67, American soldier, journalist (1980 Pulitzer Prize team at Gannett) and filmmaker (Stolen Honor), heart failure.

Carla Laemmle, 104, American actress (The Phantom of the Opera, The Broadway Melody, Dracula), natural causes.
Willie Sheelor, 86, American Negro League baseball player.

Chuck Noll, 82, American football player (Cleveland Browns) and Hall of Fame coach (Pittsburgh Steelers), most coached Super Bowl wins (IX, X, XIII, XIV), natural causes.

Isabelle Collin Dufresne, 78, French-born American actress (I, a Man), artist, author and model (Andy Warhol), cancer.
Terry Richards, 81, British actor and stuntman (Raiders of the Lost Ark, Tomorrow Never Dies, The Princess Bride).

Casey Kasem, 82, American radio jockey (American Top 40) and voice actor (Scooby-Doo, Super Friends), Lewy body dementia.
Daniel Keyes, 86, American author (Flowers for Algernon), complications from pneumonia.
Andrei Kharlov, 45, Russian chess grandmaster.

Charles Barsotti, 80, American cartoonist (The New Yorker), brain cancer.
Tony Gwynn, 54, American Hall of Fame baseball player (San Diego Padres), salivary gland cancer.

Anthony Goldschmidt, 71, American art designer (E.T. the Extra Terrestrial, The Dark Knight, Cocoon), liver cancer.
Stanley Marsh 3, 76, American artist and philanthropist, patron of Cadillac Ranch.
John McClure, 84, American Grammy Award-winning record producer.
Barry Moss, 74, American film (Friday the 13th, Beavis and Butt-head Do America, The Cosby Show), heart failure.
Arnold S. Relman, 91, American physician, editor (New England Journal of Medicine) and health care activist, melanoma.
Jeffry Wickham, 80, British actor (The Remains of the Day, Scoop, Ali G Indahouse).

Stephanie Kwolek, 90, American chemist, inventor of Kevlar.
Johnny Mann, 85, American composer, Grammy Award-winning arranger ("Up, Up and Away") and singer (Alvin and the Chipmunks).
James Nelson, 82, American sound editor (Five Easy Pieces, The Exorcist) and film producer (Star Wars).
Horace Silver, 85, American jazz pianist (Song for My Father, Blowin' the Blues Away), natural causes.

Gerry Goffin, 75, American Hall of Fame lyricist ("Will You Love Me Tomorrow", "The Loco-Motion", "Go Away Little Girl", "Take Good Care of My Baby").
Alan Moller, 64, American meteorologist and tornado chaser, Alzheimer's disease.

Norman Sheffield, 75, British rock drummer (The Hunters), recording facility co-owner (Trident Studios) and manager (Queen), cancer.

Gerry Conlon, 60, Northern Irish author and human rights activist, Guildford Four member wrongfully convicted of the Guildford pub bombings, lung cancer.

Teenie Hodges, 68, American rhythm and blues guitarist (Hi Rhythm Section) and songwriter ("Take Me to the River", "Love and Happiness"), complications from emphysema.\
Chuck Tatum, 87, American soldier, WWII Marine Iwo Jima combatant, provided source material for The Pacific.

Paula Kent Meehan, 82, American hair products executive, newspaper owner (Beverly Hills Courier) and philanthropist, co-founder of Redken.
Steve Viksten, 54, American television writer and voice actor (Hey Arnold!).

Richard Sharp, 67, American automotive retail and electronics executive, CEO of Circuit City (1986–2000), founder of CarMax, complications from Alzheimer's disease.\
Eli Wallach, 98, American actor (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, The Magnificent Seven, Baby Doll).
Johnnie Mac Walters, 92, American civil servant and lawyer, Commissioner of Internal Revenue (1971–1973).

Walter B. Parker, 87, American civil servant and policy advisor, investigated the Exxon Valdez oil spill.
Paul H. Patterson, 70, American neuroscientist and autism researcher, discovered further role of LIF in brain functioning.

Howard Baker, 88, American politician and diplomat, Senator from Tennessee (1967–1985), Senate Majority Leader (1981–1985), White House Chief of Staff (1987–1988), complications from a stroke.
Rollin King, 83, American airline executive, co-founder of Southwest Airlines, complications from a stroke.
Mary Rodgers, 83, American composer (Once Upon a Mattress) and children's author (Freaky Friday), heart ailment.

Allen Grossman, 82, American poet (Bollingen Prize), complications from Alzheimer's disease.
Bobby Womack, 70, American Hall of Fame R&B singer ("Harry Hippie") and songwriter ("I Can Understand It").

Lois Geary, 84, American actress (The Last Stand, Silverado, The Astronaut Farmer).
Jeffrey Ressner, 56, American entertainment journalist (Rolling Stone, Time, Politico), heart failure
Meshach Taylor, 67, American actor (Designing Women, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide), colorectal cancer.

Don Matheson, 84, American actor (Falcon Crest, General Hospital, Land of the Giants), lung cancer.

Bob Hastings, 89, American actor (McHale's Navy, The Munsters, Batman: The Animated Series), prostate cancer.
Richard Jencks, 93, American broadcasting executive, president of CBS Broadcast Group.
Kenny Kingston, 87, American psychic and variety show personality, cardiovascular disease.
Paul Mazursky, 84, American film director and screenwriter (An Unmarried Woman, Harry and Tonto, Moscow on the Hudson), pulmonary cardiac arrest.
Frank M. Robinson, 87, American science fiction writer (The Power) and speechwriter (Harvey Milk).

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