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Deaths - March 2014

Donald Mahley, 71, American diplomat and army officer, representative to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, pancreatic cancer.
Dave O'Brien, 57, American collegiate athletic director (Long Beach State, Temple, Northeastern), cancer.
Alain Resnais, 91, French film director (Night and Fog, Hiroshima mon amour).
Robert L. Spencer, 94, American fashion designer, heart attack.
Bryon Weiss, 51, American stuntman (The Amazing Spider-Man, Valkyrie, Live Free or Die Hard), colon cancer.

Ted Bergmann, 93, American sports television and entertainment producer (NBC), complications following surgery.
Justin Kaplan, 88, American biographer, Pulitzer Prize winner for Biography or Autobiography (1967), Parkinson's disease.
Stanley Rubin, 96, American film and television producer (Revenge, Bracken's World, The Ghost and; Mrs. Muir)

Kurt Chew-Een Lee, 88, American military officer, first Asian-American officer in the Marine Corps, recipient of the Navy Cross, suspected heart attack.
Curtis McClarin, 44, American actor (The Happening, Law and Order), brain aneurysm.
Sherwin B. Nuland, 83, American National Book Award-winning author and surgeon, prostate cancer.
William R. Pogue, 84, American astronaut (Skylab) and Air Force pilot (Thunderbirds).
Juan A. Rivero, 90, American Puerto Rican biologist, founder of the Dr. Juan A. Rivero Zoo, cancer.

Gary Carson, 64, American poker player, academic and author, complications from vascular and renal disease.
Jack Kinzler, 94, American aeronautical engineer, NASA technical director that helped save Skylab.

Geoff Edwards, 83, American game show host (Starcade, Treasure Hunt) and actor (Petticoat Junction), pneumonia.
Scott Kalvert, 49, American director (The Basketball Diaries), suicide.
Hank Rieger, 95, American television executive, President of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (1973–1975, 1977–1980), natural causes.

Martin Gottfried, 80, American drama critic and biographer, complications from pneumonia.
Frank Jobe, 88, American orthopedic surgeon, invented Tommy John surgery.
David Koff, 74, American documentary film maker and political activist, suicide.
Sheila MacRae, 92, English-born American actress (The Honeymooners).

Hal Douglas, 89, American voice actor and announcer, pancreatic cancer.

Buren Fowler, 54, American rock and roll guitarist (Drivin' N Cryin', R.E.M.).
William Guarnere, 90, American World War II non-commissioned officer and author, key figure in Band of Brothers.
Alan Rodgers, 54, American author and poet, winner of the Bram Stoker Award for Best Long Fiction (1987).
Larry Scott, 75, American bodybuilder, Mr. Olympia (1965, 1966), Alzheimer's disease.
Randolph W. Thrower, 100, American politician and jurist, Commissioner of Internal Revenue (1969–1971).

William Clay Ford, Sr., 88, American businessman (Ford Motor Company, Detroit Lions), pneumonia.
Nazario Moreno González, 44, Mexican drug lord, shot.
Joseph Sax, 78, American legal scholar, pioneer of environmental law, stroke.

Eileen Colgan, 80, Irish actress (Far and Away, My Left Foot, Angela's Ashes)
Samuel W. Lewis, 83, American diplomat, Ambassador to Israel (1977–1985).
Cynthia Lynn, 76, Latvian-born American actress (Hogan's Heroes), multiple organ failure.
Joe McGinniss, 71, American author and political journalist, prostate cancer.
Matthew Power, 39, American journalist and magazine editor (Harper's Magazine), complications from heatstroke and exhaustion.
Rob Williams, 52, American basketball player (Denver Nuggets), heart failure.

Joel Brinkley, 61, American journalist, Pulitzer Prize winner for International Reporting (1980), pneumonia.

Richard Coogan, 99, American actor (Captain Video and His Video Rangers, The Californians).
Paul C. Donnelly, 90, American aerospace pioneer.
Med Flory, 87, American saxophonist (Supersax) and actor (Daniel Boone, Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C., Lassie).
Jackie Gaughan, 93, American hotelier and casino owner (El Cortez, Las Vegas Club, The Western, Gold Spike).
Shawn Kuykendall, 32, American soccer player (D.C. United), thymic cancer.
Ola L. Mize, 82, American army officer, Korean War recipient of the Medal of Honor.

Abby Singer, 96, American production manager (Remington Steele, St. Elsewhere), cancer.

John Agoglia, 76, American television executive (NBC), instrumental in decision to replace Johnny Carson with Jay Leno, cancer.
Gary Burger, 72, American singer (The Monks), pancreatic cancer.
Richard Dermer, 74, American restaurateur, founder of Hideaway Pizza.
Sam Lacey, 66, American basketball player (Cincinnati Royals).
Wesley Warren, Jr., 50, American scrotal elephantiasis victim, heart attack.

Scott Asheton, 64, American drummer (The Stooges), heart attack.
David Brenner, 78, American comedian, cancer.
Charlotte Brooks, 95, American photographer (Look).
Clarissa Dickson Wright, 66, English celebrity chef and television personality (Two Fat Ladies).

Gary Bettenhausen, 72, American race car driver.
Mitch Leigh, 86, American Tony Award-winning composer (Man of La Mancha), pneumonia as a complication of a stroke.

Jim Compton, 72, American journalist (NBC News), heart attack.
Paddy McGuigan, 74, Irish songwriter ("The Men Behind the Wire", "The Boys of the Old Brigade") and musician (The Barleycorn).
Oswald Morris, 98, British cinematographer (Fiddler on the Roof, The Guns of Navarone, Oliver!).
Antoni Opolski, 100, Polish physicist, natural causes.[311]
L'Wren Scott, 49, American fashion designer and model, suicide by hanging.

Robert Butler, 70, American artist, member of The Highwaymen, complications from diabetes.
Ken Forsse, 77, American inventor and television producer, creator of the Teddy Ruxpin, heart failure.

Helena Belmonte, 28, American fashion model, suicide by jumping.
Dick Heller, 76, American sportswriter (The Washington Times).
Tonie Nathan, 91, American politician, first woman to receive an electoral vote in a presidential election, Alzheimer's disease.
Murray Weidenbaum, 87, American economist, Chairperson of the Council of Economic Advisers (1981–1982).

Vincent Lamberti, 86, American medical researcher, developed the original Dove Soap bar, complications from heart failure.
James Rebhorn, 65, American actor (Scent of a Woman, Independence Day, Homeland), melanoma.
Adrian Taylor, 60, American television news producer (60 Minutes, The Early Show), winner of the Peabody Award (2013), pancreatic cancer.
William Vahey, 64, American schoolteacher and child molester, suicide by stabbing.

Patrice Wymore, 87, American actress (The Errol Flynn Theatre, Ocean's 11) and philanthropist, natural causes.

Dave Brockie, 50, Canadian-born American heavy metal singer (Gwar), heroin overdose.
Bobby Croft, 68, Canadian basketball player (Kentucky Colonels, Texas Chaparrals), first Canadian to get a full scholarship to NCAA school for basketball.

Doria Palmieri, 63, American psychologist, wife of Ron Reagan and daughter-in-law of Ronald Reagan, neuromuscular disease.
David A. Trampier, 59, American fantasy gaming artist (Dungeons & Dragons).

Eddie Lawrence, 95, American actor, comedian and singer.
Ralph Wilson, 95, American Hall of Fame football team owner (Buffalo Bills) and racehorse breeder (Arazi), co-founder of the AFL.

George Bookasta, 96, American child actor, pneumonia.
Barbara Halloran Gibbons, 80, American cookbook author and columnist.

Francine Beers, 89, American actress (Law & Order, Three Men and a Baby, Keeping the Faith).
Kent Cochrane, 62, Canadian amnesiac, had one of the most studied human brains.
Joseph Madachy, 87, American research chemist and mathematician, editor of Journal of Recreational Mathematics.
Derek Martinus, 82, British television director (Doctor Who, Blake's 7, Z-Cars), Alzheimer's disease.
Gina Pellón, 87, Cuban painter.
P. Ramdas, 83, Indian film director, winner of the J. C. Daniel Award (2007).
Joseph Rigano, 80, American actor (Casino, Mickey Blue Eyes, Analyze This), throat cancer.
James R. Schlesinger, 85, American government official, Director of the CIA (1973), Secretary of Defense (1973–1975), Secretary of Energy (1977–1979), pneumonia.

Lorenzo Semple, Jr., 91, American screenwriter (Batman, Flash Gordon, Three Days of the Condor).

Hobart Alter, 80, American surfer and boat designer (Hobie cat).
Billy Mundi, 71, American drummer (The Mothers of Invention, Rhinoceros).
Marc Platt, 100, American dancer and actor (Oklahoma!, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers).
Dane Witherspoon, 56, American actor (Santa Barbara).

Robert Billingham, 56, American Olympic silver medal-winning sailor (1988), official and skipper, member of 1992 America's Cup winning team.
Richard Black, 92, American commercial artist and landscape painter, creator of the Mr. Clean and Smokey Bear mascots.
Kate O'Mara, 74, English actress (The Brothers, Dynasty, Doctor Who).

Edmond Harjo, 96, American Seminole Code Talker during World War II, recipient of the Congressional Gold Medal (2013), heart attack.
Charles Keating, 90, American banker, key figure in the savings and loan crisis.
Frankie Knuckles, 59, American disc jockey and record producer, complications from diabetes.
Bob Larbey, 79, British comedy scriptwriter (Please Sir!, The Good Life, As Time Goes By).

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