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Deaths - May 2014

Peggy O'Shea, 91, American Daytime Emmy Award-winning screenwriter (One Life to Live), complications from a stroke
Howard Smith, 77, American columnist (The Village Voice) and filmmaker (Marjoe), cancer
Kenneth Tomlinson, 69, American magazine editor (Readers Digest) and media executive, chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, melanoma

Chelokee, 10, American thoroughbred horse
Jessica Cleaves, 65, American singer (The Friends of Distinction, Earth, Wind and Fire).
Hansel DeBartolo, 66, American surgeon, part-owner of the Chicago White Sox.
John E. Dolibois, 95, American diplomat, Ambassador to Luxembourg (1981–1985), last survivor of Nuremberg trials interrogation team.
Moni Maker, 21, American trotter horse, Harness Horse of the Year (1998, 1999), complications from colic surgery.
Efrem Zimbalist, Jr., 95, American actor (The F.B.I., 77 Sunset Strip, Batman: The Animated Series).

Gary Becker, 83, American economist, Nobel Prize laureate in Economics (1992), complications following surgery.
Leslie Carlson, 81, American-born Canadian actor (A Christmas Story, The Fly, The X-Files), cancer.
Bobby Gregg, 78, American drummer (Bob Dylan, Simon and; Garfunkel) and record producer.
Ben Hoberman, 92, American radio executive (KABC, ABC Radio), pioneered talk radio format in the United States, complications from lung cancer.
Chet Jastremski, 73, American swimmer, Olympic bronze medalist (1964) and 100-meter breaststroke world-record holder.

Eddie Andreini, 77, American stunt pilot, air crash.
Dick Ayers, 90, American comic book artist (Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider), complications from Parkinson's disease.
Elena Baltacha, 30, Ukrainian-born British tennis player, liver cancer.[65]
William Bender, 83, American entertainment critic and magazine editor (Time), heart failure.
Andrew Quintero, 51, American scientist and entrepreneur (JumpStartFund), drowned.
William Worthy, 92, American newspaper journalist, challenged travel restrictions to Communist countries, complications from Alzheimer's disease.

Dave Diamond, 77, American radio disc jockey and rock music journalist, pneumonia.
Elaine Green, 73, American television journalist (WCPO), recipient of the Peabody Award (1981\
Jackie Lynn Taylor, 88, American actress and television personality (Our Gang), Alzheimer's disease.

Bill Dana, 83, American NASA test pilot (X-15 rocket), complications from Parkinson's disease.
Jimmy Ellis, 74, American boxer, WBA heavyweight champion (1968–1970), dementia.
William Olvis, 56, American film and television music composer (Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman), throat cancer.

Tony Genaro, 72, American actor (Tremors, World Trade Center), natural causes.

Bill Coughlin, 91, American newspaper journalist (Los Angeles Times), editor (Washington Daily News) and novelist, Pulitzer Prize winner for Public Service (1990).
Roger L. Easton, 93, American scientist, inventor and designer of GPS.
George Kohut, 70, Ukranian-born American camera operator (Batman Begins, Ferris Bueller's Day Off).
Beverly Long, 81, American actress (Rebel Without a Cause, Father Knows Best).
Nancy Malone, 79, American Emmy Award-winning producer, director (Dynasty) and actress (Naked City), leukemia-induced pneumonia.
Leo Marentette, 73, American baseball player (Detroit Tigers, Montreal Expos), heart attack.\
Harry Weltman, 81, American basketball executive (Cleveland Cavaliers, New Jersey Nets), complications from Alzheimer's disease.
Tommie Wright, 95, American pianist and composer (Florida State Seminoles fight song).

Galindo Mellado Cruz, 41, Mexican drug lord, a founder of Los Zetas, shot.

Thelma Eisen, 92, American baseball player (AAGPBL).
Ed Gagliardi, 62, American bass guitarist (Foreigner), cancer.
Barbara Knudson, 86, American actress (Meet Danny Wilson, The Jayhawkers!, The Cry Baby Killer).\
Jeb Stuart Magruder, 79, American presidential aide (Richard Nixon), convicted for conspiracy to obstruct justice and wiretapping (Watergate scandal), complications from a stroke.

H. R. Giger, 74, Swiss Oscar-winning surrealist artist (Alien), injuries from a fall.
Ralph Peduto, 72, American actor (The Rock, Mrs. Doubtfire) and playwright, leukemia.

Martin Barreras, 49, American noncommissioned officer, Army Ranger Sergeant Major in charge of the rescue of Jessica Lynch, wounds sustained in combat.
Malik Bendjelloul, 36, Swedish Academy Award-winning documentary film director (Searching for Sugar Man), suicide.
J. F. Coleman, 95, American military and test pilot (Convair XFY Pogo), winner of the Harmon Trophy (1954), natural causes.

Robert J. Flynn, 76, American naval officer, Vietnam War POW held in China (1967–1973).

Allan Folsom, 72, American novelist (The Day After Tomorrow), metastatic melanoma.

Gerald Edelman, 84, American biologist, Nobel Prize laureate in Physiology or Medicine (1972), natural causes.
Matt Kailey, 59, American author and transgender activist.
Hiram Mann, 92, American military officer and pilot, Army Lt. Col. for the Tuskegee Airmen 332nd Fighter Group.
Miss Beazley, 9, American-born Scottish terrier, co-First Dog (2005–2009), euthanized due to lymphoma.

Wubbo Ockels, 68, Dutch physicist and astronaut, first Dutch citizen in space, renal cell cancer.
Jerry Vale, 83, American singer ("Have You Looked into Your Heart", "The Star-Spangled Banner") and actor.
Morris Weiss, 98, American cartoonist (Mickey Finn).
Gordon Willis, 82, American cinematographer (The Godfather, Annie Hall, Manhattan), cancer.

Sam Greenlee, 83, American writer and filmmaker (The Spook Who Sat by the Door), natural causes.
Vincent Harding, 82, American civil rights activist and speechwriter (Martin Luther King, Jr.), complications from a heart aneurysm.

Poni Adams, 95, American actress (House of Dracula, Batman and Robin).
Ruth Ziolkowski, 87, American museum executive, CEO of the Crazy Horse Memorial (since 1982), cancer.

Matthew Cowles, 69, American actor and playwright (All My Children, Shutter Island, Oz).
Donald Levine, 86, American toy executive, developer of the first action figure and G. I. Joe, cancer.

Michael Gottlieb, 69, American director and screenwriter (Mannequin, Mr. Nanny), traffic collision.

Roger Stanley, 71, American politician and informant, member of the Illinois House of Representatives (1977–1982), informant in Illinois Governor George Ryan corruption case.

Lee Chamberlin, 76, American actress (The Electric Company, All My Children), cancer.
Bunny Yeager, 85, American model and photographer, heart failure.

Anna Berger, 91, American actress (Ghost World, The Sopranos, You Don't Mess with the Zohan).
Manuel Uribe, 48, Mexican obese man, was world's third-heaviest person, liver failure.

Jack Joyce, 71, American business executive (Nike, Inc.), co-founder of Rogue Ales.
Massimo Vignelli, 83, Italian graphic designer (New York City Subway map, American Airlines).

Maya Angelou, 86, American author (I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings), poet ("On the Pulse of Morning") and civil rights activist.
Oscar Dystel, 101, American book publishing executive (Bantam Books), pioneered mass marketing of paperbacks.
Malcolm Glazer, 85, American real estate executive (First Allied Corporation) and sports franchise owner (Manchester United, Tampa Bay Buccaneers).

Joan Lorring, 88, British Hong Kong-born American actress (The Corn Is Green, Three Strangers).
Brad Mooney, 83, American admiral, Chief of Naval Research (1983–1987).
Satao, 45–46, Kenyan African elephant, poisoned arrow.

Mary Anthony, 97, American choreographer, modern dancer and dance teacher (Arthur Mitchell, Donald McKayle).
Marilyn Beck, 85, American syndicated entertainment journalist and columnist, lung cancer.
Jack Dittmer, 86, American baseball player (Boston/Milwaukee Braves).
Martha Hyer, 89, American actress (Some Came Running, Sabrina).
Lewis Katz, 72, American media (The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, YES Network) and sport franchise owner (New Jersey Nets and Devils), plane crash.

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