Thursday, March 05, 2015

Kansas Secretary of State warns Obama might ban criminal charges for black suspects

The level of ignorance consistently on display from Republicans is astounding! It's all fear based.

The Kansas Secretary of State agreed with a caller during his weekly radio program that he could envision a scenario where President Barack Obama prohibited the prosecution of black suspects.

A listener who identified himself as Stu called Kris Kobach’s program during a discussion on the University of Minnesota’s decision to stop including race and other physical descriptions in email alerts about campus crimes, reported Right Wing Watch.

The caller said the university’s decision, coupled with Obama’s orders on immigration and Attorney General Eric Holder’s decision not to charge any New Black Panthers with voter intimidation, would pave the way for black suspects to be exempt from prosecution.

The Republican Kobach agreed, saying the Obama administration had made clear that “civil rights laws were only to protect minority races.”

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