Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Today's Quote


Home can be a warm glow off in the distance.
Home can be a pair of open arms.
Home can be the sharing of laughter.
Home can be a shoulder dampened by tears.
Home can be a smile during a time of need.
Home can be deeply rooted within your memory.
Home can be found in understanding hearts.
Home can be the offering of a warm meal.
Home is where you are greeted
with purring or the wagging of tails.
Home is with the people you cherish.
Home is where you long to be whenever you're away.
Home is more than just a house of wood and stone.
Home is a feeling.
Home is love, comfort and safety.
Home is hugs and kisses and sighs.
It's wherever you hear the words,
"Welcome home. We've missed you."

~ F. Paquette

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