Thursday, August 01, 2013


What odd weather we have had this spring/summer. After a terribly wet and cool spring we had a mini-drought followed by record rainfall, a week of near 100 degree temps and now fall like coolness. Very weird BUT I guess this is the new norm as we march on towards our eventual destruction!

Not much new here. Reaping the harvest from the garden with tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. Using lots of basil in pasta dishes which I can't get enough of. Love tomato/pasta dishes. Good thing I'm not a diabetic!

Took Monday off to enjoy the cooler temps and attend the fair with my sisters. Was a lovely day....filled with fair food. I think the roasted corn is my favorite. Nothing like Ohio corn! This is the fourth year in a row we have enjoyed a fair day together. This weekend is a local Blues and Rib Fest and the big Irish Fest in Dublin Ohio. Plan to attend one or both of them. The weather is supposed to be nice and mild for the next week...80 degrees with low humidity.

Had my car detailed last week. My little Civic is paid for and am trying to resist the impulse to buy a new car so had mine cleaned up to look like new. The guy I found came to my house and did it in about three hours. It looks really nice.........of course in a couple weeks the floors will all be dirty and the seats will too with the dogs in and out ;( I want to keep it for a couple more years until I complete about $10,000 worth of upgrades to the house (new floors, new furnace)....I will probably get it detailed again in the spring since I have no car note I don't mind the expense of a deep cleaning.  When I do decide to get a new car I will probably opt for a Prius or other hybrid as gas will continue to go up and up and up.

Both kids are now in Dallas. My son went to stay with my daughter who lives there. Phillip, who had been doing well for a couple months - obtaining his CDL and learning to drive trucks is once again out of a job (don't ask) and down on his luck. He's just about burned all his bridges and his sister was the last place he had available. He doesn't understand the concept that at 26 years old  his father and I are no longer responsible for him. Shannon, recently had her car stolen and had liability only on her car (DUMB MISTAKE!) has no car and is thusly lost her job at the airport and by not working can't get a loan for a new one...... so they are down on their luck together. Hope they get it together soon as they are not coming here to live!

Enjoy your lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer...........

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