Friday, October 25, 2013

GOP Rep Freaks Out when Confronted with Proof of ACA Success

Amazingly this exchange took place on CNN where Steve Beshear Governor of Kentucky explained that for states who chose to implement their own exchanges - as was intended by the Affordable Care Act - their "Glitches" have been few and far between.

We’re signing up people at roughly a thousand a day. It’s a great rate and a great success so far,” he told on CNN’s “New Day,” describing the market as “a gold standard because it’s working.”...
[The Federal System] will be working fully in a month or two. History shows us that [after the implication of Medicare] it took two years to get it all working properly. This will all work.

Later the CNN Hosts talks to Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC) - she of the Run-Away AR-15 - to get their usual "other side" of the obligatory "both sides" view - only to have her attempt to completely contradict and dismiss everything that Gov. Beshear had just said.

Only something interesting happened, the CNN Host wasn't having it.

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