Friday, March 21, 2014

Koch Group Yet Again Fails Fact Check On Obamacare Horror Story

Americans For Prosperity is struggling to find a way to attack Obamacare that fits the facts.

The Koch-funded conservative activist group is spending millions of dollars on TV ads aimed at undermining the Affordable Care Act and unseating Democratic senators who voted for it in their 2014 reelection fights.

But the ads keep falling flat upon examination of their claims.

One ad features a horror story from Julie Boonstra, a 49-year-old cancer patient who says her plan was canceled by Obamacare and that her new one was too expensive. "If I do not receive my medication, I will die," she says. But as TPM and others reported, it turns out Boonstra would actually save money under Obamacare, although she wouldn't admit it.

Another features a man who says he's "scared to death" because Obamacare would lead to "bureaucrats telling me what kind of services I am going to qualify for." The Washington Post's fact-checker took it apart. Yet another features a woman who laments that her plan was canceled, but omits the rest of the story.

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