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Deaths - February 2014

René Ricard, 67, American poet, painter and art critic, cancer.
Maximilian Schell, 83, Austrian-Swiss Oscar-winning actor (Judgment at Nuremberg, Julia, Deep Impact), pneumonia.
Gordon Zacks, 80, American businessman and presidential advisor, cancer.

Tommy Aquino, 21, American motorcycle racer, training collision.
Bunny Rugs, 65, Jamaican reggae musician (Third World).
Philip Seymour Hoffman, 46, American Oscar-winning actor (Capote, Magnolia, Doubt), mixed drug intoxication.

Louise Brough, 90, American Hall of Fame tennis player, ranked No. 1 (1955).
Richard Bull, 89, American actor (Little House on the Prairie), natural causes.
Louan Gideon, 58, American actress (The Secret World of Alex Mack, Search for Tomorrow), cancer.
Óscar González, 23, Mexican super bantamweight and featherweight boxer, brain injury sustained in bout.
Gloria Leonard, 73, American pornographic actress and magazine publisher (High Society), complications from a stroke.
Joan Mondale, 83, American arts advocate, Second Lady of the United States (1977–1981).
Bill Sinkin, 100, American equality and alternative energy activist.

Eugenio Corti, 93, Italian writer (The Red Horse).
Hazel Sampson, 103, American Klallam elder and linguist, last native speaker of the Klallam language.

Roderick Bain, 91, American army officer (Easy Company).
Suzanne Basso, 59, American convicted murderer, execution by lethal injection.
Richard Hayman, 93, American conductor (St. Louis Symphony).

Claire Betz, 93, American baseball team owner (Philadelphia Phillies).
Maxine Kumin, 88, American poet and author, Pulitzer Prize winner for Poetry (1973).
Marty Plissner, 87, American political commentator (CBS News), coined "too close to call" phrase, lung cancer.

Christopher Barry, 88, British television director (Doctor Who).
Arthur J. Hubbard, Sr., 102, American Navajo Code Talker and politician, Arizona State Senator (1972–1984).

Richard Battin, 88, American electrical engineer (Apollo Guidance Computer).
Dick Berk, 74, American jazz drummer and bandleader.

Eric Bercovici, 80, American screenwriter and producer (Shōgun), heart attack.
Marius, 1, Danish giraffe, considered unsuitable for breeding, shot.

Betty Jaynes, 68, American Hall of Fame basketball coach (James Madison University).
Ronnie Masterson, 87, Irish actress (Angela's Ashes).
Shirley Temple, 85, American actress and diplomat, Ambassador to Ghana (1974–1976); Czechoslovakia (1989–1992), COPD.

Max McLeary, 66, American minor league baseball umpire.
Seán Potts, 83, Irish musician (The Chieftains).

Sid Caesar, 91, American Emmy-winning comedian and actor (Your Show of Shows, Grease, Silent Movie).

Maggie Estep, 50, American poet and writer (Love is a Dog From Hell), heart attack.

Drew Denson, 48, American baseball player (Atlanta Braves, Chicago White Sox), complications from amyloidosis.
Ralph Waite, 85, American actor (The Waltons, Roots, NCIS, Cliffhanger).

Remo Capitani, 86, Italian actor (They Call Me Trinity).
Jim Fregosi, 71, American baseball player (California Angels) and manager (Philadelphia Phillies), complications from a stroke.
Robert M. Fresco, 83, American documentary filmmaker (Czechoslovakia 1968).
Chad Kellogg, 42, American mountaineer, rock fall.
Edward J. Walsh, 71, American journalist (The Washington Post), lung cancer.

Cliff Bole, 76, American television director (MacGyver, T.J. Hooker, Star Trek: The Next Generation).
Mary Grace Canfield, 89, American actress (Green Acres, Bewitched, General Hospital), lung cancer.
Jamie Coots, 41, American pastor, snake handler and reality television cast member, snakebite.
Angelo Henderson, 51, American journalist (The Wall Street Journal) and radio personality (WCHB), Pulitzer Prize winner for Feature Writing (1999), coronary embolism.
Christopher Malcolm, 67, Scottish actor (The Empire Strikes Back, Highlander, Absolutely Fabulous.

Robert J. Conley, 73, American Cherokee author.
Eisenhower Tree, 100–125, American loblolly pine (Augusta National Golf Club), damage from ice storm. (death announced on this date)
Ken Farragut, 85, American football player (Philadelphia Eagles), complications from diabetes.
Raymond Louis Kennedy, 67, American singer-songwriter, musician and producer.
Jimmy Murakami, 80, American animator and film director (When the Wind Blows).

Richard N. Cabela, 77, American businessman, co-founder of Cabela's.
Bob Casale, 61, American guitarist (Devo) and film score engineer (Happy Gilmore, The Royal Tenenbaums), heart failure.
Don Safran, 88, American screenwriter (Happy Days) and producer, heart failure.
Wayne Smith, 48, Jamaican reggae musician ("Sleng Teng").

Maria Franziska von Trapp, 99, Austrian-born American singer, portrayed in The Sound of Music.

Dale Gardner, 65, American astronaut (STS-8, STS-51-A), brain aneurysm.
Larry Moss, 83, American voice actor, dialect coach and acting tutor (Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart).
Duffy Power, 72, English blues and rock and roll singer.
Malcolm Tierney, 75, British actor (Doctor Who, Star Wars, Braveheart).
Blanca Vela, 78, American politician, first female mayor of Brownsville, Texas (1999–2003).

Walter D. Ehlers, 92, American World War II soldier, recipient of the Medal of Honor (1944).
Roger Hill, 65, American actor (The Warriors, One Life to Live).
Herman Shooster, 89, American businessman.[361]
Roy Simmons, 57, American football player (New York Giants), complications from pneumonia.
Garrick Utley, 74, American television journalist (NBC News), prostate cancer.

Matthew Robinson, 28, Australian Paralympic snowboarder, skiing accident.

Richard Daugherty, 91, American archaeologist, led excavation of Ozette Indian Village, bone cancer.

Penny DeHaven, 65, American country singer, cancer.
Mike Parker, 84, British-born American typographer and software executive, helped popularize use of Helvetica.
Charlie Porter, 63, American mountaineer and climate change scientist.
Samuel Sheinbein, 34, American-Israeli convicted murderer, shot.
William F. Thomas, 89, American newspaper editor (Los Angeles Times), oversaw 11 Pulitzer Prizes, natural causes.

Ralph Bahna, 71, American business executive, CEO of Cunard Line (1980–1989), Chairman of (2004–2013).
Franny Beecher, 92, American Hall of Fame guitarist (Bill Haley and; His Comets).

Harold Ramis, 69, American writer, director and actor (Groundhog Day, Vacation, Ghostbusters), vasculitis.

Juanita Bartlett, 86, American television producer (The Rockford Files, Scarecrow and Mrs. King).
Jim Lange, 81, American game show host and disc jockey (The Dating Game, Name That Tune), heart attack.

Joseph Dear, 63, American civil servant, Director of OSHA (1993–1997), CIO of CalPERS (since 2009), prostate cancer.
Frank Reed, 59, American soul singer (The Chi-Lites).

Frankie Sardo, 77, American rock and roll musician, cancer.
Michael Taylor, 47, American convicted murderer, execution by lethal injection.
Tim Wilson, 52, American stand-up comedian and country music singer, heart attack.

Aaron Allston, 53, American game designer (Dungeons & Dragons) and sci-fi author (X-Wing), heart failure.
Wilford Scypion, 55, American boxer, Golden Gloves National Middleweight Champion (1978), complications from pneumonia.
Vicente T. Ximenes, 94, American civil rights activist.

James Tague, 77, American writer, key witness to the assassination of John F. Kennedy

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